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6 degrees

I don't know if any of you are fond of playing six degrees with movies, but I learned a couple of things that I think you should know.

1) this won't help you with movies but it really freaked me out. The guy who plays Jame "Put the lotion in the basket!" Gumb is the same guy who plays Captain Stottlemeyer on "Monk". That's right, I introduce you to Ted Levine. For those of you who need to see it, check out the google image search here.

2) This one is less shocking but more helpful. The guy who plays 'Bones' in the new Star Trek movie was also in Lord of the Rings as "Eomer". If you don't recall Eomer, he was the son of Eomund, brother of Eowyn, and was the Third Marshall of the Mark just prior to the War of the Ring. He was a strong leader of men and blah blah blah...sorry, I was channeling Tolkein for a moment there. Check out Karl Urban. I never would've figured this on my own, thanks go to the loml.


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