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hanging out with your sister, cautionary tale

and I'm back. No tales from Meowderly this time, but: if you know me and I know you, and you know how to use a trencher, call me! I got some work to do.

I was cleaning up just now, thinking about spa treatments in india, when it occurred to me that the internet is a great place for sharing stories about yourself that people might never know. of course, that's what makes it a bad bad place too, but i think this is a good tale to share, unless you are my sister and didn't want anyone to know. if so, she doesn't read my blog, so ha ha! but anyway,

One fine week, providence found my sister and myself (and my future wedding photographer) in Curacao. we had snagged an amazing all-inclusive at the Marriott there (which I highly recommend) and things had been good. So good that my sister and I decided to take advantage of the free non-motorized sport equipment rentals and wound up in a two person kayak on the open sea. note* this is not hard as Curacao is a tiny island of only about 171 sq. miles.

The dutch woman who rented it to me gave some directions to a nearby inlet, which was supposed to be very pretty, and then said "if you're not back in two hours, I'll let them know where to look". oo-kay.. but i figured it was a bit of a joke at the "never been kayaking before" person's expense and we set of.

The first ten minutes or so was an exercise in coordination and cursing but we got the hang of it and made it into the inlet. things were going well, it was pretty, and then we decided to turn around. but no. something was up. The tide was coming in (and maybe it had been the whole time, who knows?) and it was all kinds of hell to paddle out. but we paddled and paddled and paddled, and eventually made it out. a bit exhausted but happy. until we realized that now, the tide appeared to be going out and was washing us away from the shore, away from the marriott, and away from curacao. for a brief moment, I tried to figure it out. Were we getting washed towards Venezuela or out into the atlantic? hrm...

but this was no time to screw around. And i will tell you one great thing about my sister. We may have our issues but when the shit hits the fan, she doesn't screw around. So even though we were exhausted, ignorant to the ways of kayaking, and in very real danger of getting washed out to sea, nobody was going to panic. That's how bad it was.

So we pointed ourselves at the resort and began to paddle. and it was friggin hard. If we stopped paddling we would start to wash out, and when we were paddling, we weren't actually getting ahead. and we were getting tired. So I started to sing a negro spiritual because I figured it was a good time to do it.

And then at some point, we saw another kayaker. A single kayak was out there about 50 yards to our right. I wasn't sure how he got there but I could see one thing for sure. He was heading for the shore, and he was actually making progress.

"Let's follow him", I said to my sister. and why not? This was the time where we learned something about kayaking.. you don't paddle against waves, you go at an angle.


well, you can be assured that we made it back to shore, and returned that damn kayak. Then, we headed immediately for the pool bar where we had some amstel bright (curacao, being part of the dutch netherland antilles actually had brewery on the island!) and swore that was the last time we were gonna try anything crazy like that again.

the end.


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