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house party inferno

so the loml and I had a housewarming party this weekend, so for those of you who didn't know, We moved! Into a House! and if you didn't get an invite, "I'm sorry but please visit, we'd love to have you over!"

So the party seemed to go well and here are some nuggets of info:

1. Boy, people sure do love queso. That was actually the one thing that we didn't buy a lot of, and it ran out about half way through the party. dang.

2. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka (warning* this website uses bluegrass theme music) - this was the sleeper hit of the party. I didn't really notice it until about 3 hours in, when all of sudden everyone was drinking it. and damn if it doesn't taste like sweet tea.

3. Thank you all for the lovely housewarming gifts. This is the first thing I bought with the gift cards (but i didn't pay anything near that price). and yes, it works great and the house is fine, thanks for asking.


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