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one step forward, and two steps back

Its been a funny kind of day. and I'm not laughing.

Today i ventured forth from Meowderly in search of a Target. This was a little odd since I've always thought of Target as being one of those stores that's always nearby, just waiting for you to come on in. But, from the new house, the closest Target is about seven and a half miles away, in another city (if you can believe that). But whatever, its not like I have to walk there so I put it in the nav system and hauled off.

Once I got there, I realized that 0) the area was familiar and 1) there was a Kohl's nearby and 2) I was in serious need of retail therapy. So I went into Kohl's and figured that I should get a summer dress. and even though I know better I totally went shopping in the Junior's section (which is a mistake, yes Tim Gunn.. I know). And there I came face to face with the infamous maxi dress. Which has totally been the rage this year, despite the fact that it make us all look like swingers from 60's dinner party. I almost bought one until I realized that the maxi dress is a fad, and the fact that they were on sale at Kohl's meant that their time was up in style land. So I left.

which brings me to my next bit of news (its been slow, really). I finally got caught up with the times and have started checking out the podcasts on iTunes. I've been checking out the yoga podcasts so far, and so far I've done about 10 minutes of one.

hah - told you its been slow.


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