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the woo-woo wands

ok, so last night I read another 3 chapters of my book "Excuse me, your life is waiting". These next three chapters focused on how to work yourself up to controlling and generating positive vibrations. One thing I like about this author is that she keeps telling these stories like "Well, I was just coming out of Alcoholics Anonymous..." and "at this stage of my life, my business had gone under" or "there was this one time when I dated a priest". I love these kinds of details... which is another reason why I think the appendix of the book rocks.

Unlike what I expected, the appendix on this book was barely two pages long and it starts like this, "Much of what is written in this book will test one's intellect and logic to the fullest extent.. For those of you who find yourselves challenged in that regard ... you may find this fun energy-proving do-it-yourself kit a help."

and then she gives you instructions to make a couple of dowsing rod thingies out of coat hangers. Then as you hold them and focus your energies, you will see the rods move! So, I thought.. awesomeness. a project!

So I got a couple of wire hangers from the dry cleaners and some wire cutters so I could make the "woo woo wands", as the author calls them. And that's when I learned something. I learned that dry cleaner hangers aren't fully wire (at least, mine weren't). Instead, the top is metal and then hooks into a piece of cardboard for the long flat piece at the bottom. So, no woo woo wands for me.

so sad. instead, i worked on concentrating my energies and this morning, I did it again. and all kinds of neat things happened. One co-worker gave me some green tea from taiwan in the morning, another gave me a can of orange san pelligrino in the afternoon. And, just when I thought I was gonna miss lunch because I was walking back from the doctor's office, a carload of my office mates passed me in the car and picked me up off the street!

As you can see, my vibrations have a lot to do with food. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Note from the loml* he wants to know if I got any hangers. otherwise how will i make my 'wubby wubby sticks'. I will tell you all now, he is really the best.


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