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world changing

I love self-help books. I even read self-help books that I don't need, just to see what I'm supposed to do in case I ever need help for some of this stuff. and my current book is so weirdo, that you're gonna think I've joined a cult. but let's start at the beginning.

My sister and I were at the local consignment store looking for DVDs. In retrospect, the consignment store SUCKS for DVDs but they do have plenty of everything else. if by everything else you mean vintage "my great uncle died and left behind all this plastic junk from the 70's". but that was ok, cause me and my sister LURVE stuff!

So there we were trying on ties and picking out books from the 50 cent section when I stumbled upon this gem titled, "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting". It was published pretty recently and my sister recalls it being very popular when she worked at the bookstore. Intrigued, I began flipping through it trying to figure out what the method was.. and amazingly enough, I couldn't figure out what mumbo-jumbo the author was trying to push. She kept talking about setting off positive vibrations, but I couldn't find any real explanations. So of course, I bought it.

And last night, I read the first three chapters. Which go something like this:
In this life, people don't get what they deserve or work for. Instead, people get things that match or are similar to what they vibrate. And what do people vibrate? People vibrate how they feel and how strongly they feel. And if you don't vibrate, you are dead inside. So the secret to getting your amazing life is to think positively about what you want, and then spend your time feeling it. And you shall receive (you know, because your good vibrations will attract other things that have good vibrations and its just like a MAGNET)!

wow. well, ok then. Even though this is getting real close to some kind of pyramid power 60's thing, I figured "Why not? Why the hell not?!".

note* I suspect this is the point where some people might reach a different conclusion. It's ok.. I think I may be crazy.

So I spent the morning feeling positive. The author makes a very clear point that "thinking positive" is bullshit that won't get you anywhere, and that's great because I hate thinking positive. But feeling positive, I can do that. So I drove to work, paying attention to how I felt and trying to consciously manipulate that. And it went real well. I showed up to work practically glowing. And I glowed right through my morning, and straight through lunch (which consisted of a really great hummus falafel veggie pita, a quick browse through REI, and a transformers slushee from 7-11 at the end).

but then, around 2pm, that little light of mine just went out. and I started not feeling at all (I suspect because I was at work, but whatever) which was bad. and I spent the rest of the afternoon slugging it out with my feelings.

So now, I'm home and I'm going to see what the next 9 chapters are about. Hopefully its going to have something to do with practical implementation. And you know, I don't see why this shouldn't work. reality is tricky beast. so I'll let you know how it goes.


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