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July 1, 2009

customer appreciation day

So its my 360th blog entry and I thought it was high time I did something special for you, dear reader. Unfortunately, its going to be rather arbitrary and not at all associated with merit, which is how life is (as explained by my latest self help book). So today, I'd like to spotlight two of my lovely blog commenters, who have been selected because they are my oldest and newest.

First of all, mr.sluckey. mr.sluckey is always good for a reference to 'Call of Cthulu', the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or Soylent Green (and I'm glad about that last one because I was noticing a disturbing trend). He commented on my blog even before I had functional comments working. I'd like to take this moment to say to you, "I love you man, you and tater tots."

Secondly, our newest commenter. I know its not fair to single you out already, Yijia, since you've only made one small comment about maxi dresses and gardening. But just think, all that in just one comment! I sense great potential in you (assuming this spotlighting doesn't make you flee the comment box). Don't worry, no one reads this blog. I swear.

So that's it for today, but all you other fantastic commenters, worry not. I'll get you too.

July 10, 2009

freedom ain't free

so I got a parking ticket. The county that I work in converted what used to be a free parking area into a badly labeled metered area, with no meters. I was supposed to locate the nearest parking device, give it my money, and then put a receipt on my dash, which I failed to do. thus, the ticket.

and all I can say is, I'm really glad that local government doesn't work like a capitalist enterprise. My measly ticket was only $25 but I felt like I was wronged, so I called the courthouse who told me to swing by. I spent another $1 to park at the courthouse, waited about 5 minutes, just to get told that I had to set a court date. And as I was considering it, the clerk pointed at a sign. Which told me that if I was found guilty, I would also have to pay $61 in court fees. The cost-benefit analysis was getting to me, so I asked the clerk if I could set up a court date over the phone later, but no. I have to come in person to set up a court date.

and just like that, they won my $25. As I left the building, I couldn't help but think it was all really unfair. A nice judge would probably let me off, or even an empowered customer service rep. Which is when I realized that this was all crazy thinking. Good customer service reps cost money. Do I really want to pay for that kind of thing? My freaking parking ticket would've probably cost me $100 in that reality. Not to mention that the county would probably be trying to retain profitable citizens. Who wants to live in a place where they encourage people who give money to the government?

That's like how the credit card companies love customers who miss
payments. ughh.. So there you have it. please feel free to send me some cash. This post was kinda expensive.

July 15, 2009

I ♥ denise

So I've been slugging about a lot recently. Yesterday, as I was lazing in
bed with the cat, I realized that I really needed to enact some change.
I've been coming home from work every day and 'decompressing' by surfing
the internet. a lot. and the loml has been getting that look on his face
that says "I'm married to someone who's a slug" or some variation thereof.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, just go find a WoW player. and
then go talk to their S.O. (assuming they also don't play).

So faced with the threat of continued loss of respect from the loml, I
went and looked up an old friend. Not only is she a friend of mine, but
she also loves Idaho potatoes. Yes, that's right. Denise Austin. She's
the peppiest cheeriest smiling-est fitness coach I've ever had the
pleasure of owning on at least 4 DVDs.

So I pulled out an oldie but goodie "Shrink your Female Fat Zones" (and I
don't know how anyone resisted this one) and got busy. And afterwards, I
was thirsty and a little tired, but I felt great.

July 20, 2009

ode to monday

So i'm a little antsy this monday. I can't tell if its because I skipped
my Sunday meditation practice or the fact that I bought an organizer. I
love organizers/planners. I will schedule my whole life in there if I
can, so when I bought one last friday, I spent about 30 minutes booking in
all my events. which were pretty few because I had spent the previous
month and half without one which meant that my event schedule had gone to

and the reason that I didn't have a planner for a month and a half is
because I was moving into Meowderly, which is probably the worst time to
not be organized. but it happens.

but now I have a planner and I've efficiently demolished all the little
activities that I needed to do, leaving me with extra time. ugh.. which I
am now going to fill up with more activities. dang planner.

July 21, 2009

it's good to be the king

So at the end of lunch today I hijacked my crew into making a detour at
the middle eastern pastry shop (where they sell dessert by weight). Four
dollars later, I was out the door with a tasty selection of pastry which I
tried to offer to my co-workers. Lucky for me, no one wanted any as my
choice of the day, some kind of crunched up pistachio-phyllo dough
combination, was covered with skinny white noodles and looked weird.

but sucker them, cause the whole mess is soaked in some kind of divine
rose-honey water syrup mix. I've eaten about 2 and a half of them now,
which is why you get to read this love note to my dessert.

In other news, I'm strongly considering getting a scooter. And by
considering, I mean I am probably going to get one as soon as I get around
to getting a motorcycle license and everyone I know finishes telling me a
cautionary tale about that guy they know who is dead/in a body cast/unable
to walk due to a fractured pelvis.

July 22, 2009

another day, another centavo

So I'm an adult, which means that I accept responsibility for myself. (note* I am not saying this is the definition but its just how I feel about it right now). So I'm sitting at work, ignoring my current tasks (very adult!) in favor of considering my career path.

I suspect a lot of us do this, but who knows. I know that when I'm ill-content, that's what I think about.. my friggin' life. So anyway, I decided it was a good time to retake the Myers-Briggs personality test just to get some perspective on me. The problem with these things is that people are very willing to accept any kind of result, as long as it seems credible. but, I'm reasonably intelligent, so when I say that I think my results are spot on, they actually are.

So I came out with an INFJ and I thought I'd highlight the bits that peaked my interest:

- I am service-oriented, like jesus or ghandi. Dammit dammit dammit.
- I am highly intuitive, which can lead to thinking that I'm always right. (the loml is laughing right now, I can tell).
- When stressed, I lose sight of the big picture and start not caring about how I come across to others. oy..
- I am a leader, though I am perfectly happy to follow someone if I believe in them... And that, ladies and gentleman, is the summary of my career. generally happy when I like my boss, unhappy when I don't.

Actually, there is a lot of stuff in there that I found really helpful. Here is the link to the descriptions, which I recommend: https://www.personalitypage.com/portraits.html

Note* you can't actually take the Myers-Briggs test at that site, because they want you to register and stuff. I used a couple of free ones to confirm mine:

July 24, 2009

tell me lies

So one thing I like about buddhism is that its very practical. Which could be true of most world religion/philosophies really. What good are all these beautiful thoughts if you don't do beautiful things?

which is where we get into pain. There is a general notion that buddhism is about trying to get out of suffering. but what most people don't understand is that to get there, you're probably going to have to deal with a lot of suffering, mainly your own. If you don't believe me, go on a seated meditation retreat for any significant amount of time.

So what's my point? well, Its time to get practical. So today I am focusing on one of the 5 precepts, namely the one about "refraining from false speech", which I like to think of sometimes as "Thumper's Mother's Rule".

I hope all we remember what this is, but truely 'Bambi' is not one of my favourite movies... i think its "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all". Which I will be the first to admit, is not exactly the same as don't tell lies. But in buddhism, there is always more to think about. So along with not lying, one should remember that unless what you are about to say is timely, true, and helpful then it should not be said.

wow, I seem to have wandered off a bit from not lying. Now, I'm all the way over into, if you can't sound like the Dalai Lama, don't talk.

See, I told you. This stuff is hard. that's what the practical is for.

July 26, 2009

mission: impossible

So yesterday I mentioned my intention to work on my speech. You know with all refraining of unhelpfulness and all that (did you realize that unsolicited advice falls into that category?.. hint hint).

Anyway, I was at the Ross-dress-for-less on Friday, waiting in line to check out. And this pretty ethiopian(?) woman in front of me, turns to me and says, "Do you like this purse?"

and i look at it. Its a fairly large wallet made of white leather (not patent) and decorated at the edges with this crazy pink, yellow, and blue weave. I don't like it. So I say, "No."

and the woman gives off this frustrated sigh and says, "Its a gift! I don't know what to get her!" and she turns away and starts staring at this wallet. I'm not really sure what to do, and I'm wondering if I was supposed to know if she wanted a real opinion or just some kind of reassurance that everything would be ok. But, she moved on to the cashier and returned the wallet.

Now that I've gotten that little incident off my chest, I can share my goal for the day:

Speaking in complete sentences.

I don't think that previous statement is a complete sentence. And I can tell you this.. There have been several times that I can think of where I have been completely mis-understood because I didn't use complete sentences. So here we go.. Goal of the day!

July 27, 2009

them apples

sigh. I tried to use complete sentences yesterday. but what I learned is that I do not think when I speak. Something which friends and family had known for years.

Is there some kind of self-help book for this? What is the baby-step here?

am I supposed to construct the sentence in my head before I speak it? Do I consider the possible impact before I say it? This sounds like the work of a small life time and something I should have started on years ago. Its a bit late now. I'm thirty-two.

so again, same goal. Different day.

July 31, 2009

johnny depp

I have watched the following Johnny Depp movies:

Public Enemies - the new one about John Dilinger
Cry Baby - a musical where he plays a juvenile delinquent
Pirates of the Caribbean - where he steals the movie from Orlando Bloom
Edward Scissorhands - with a blond winona ryder
Don Juan Demarco - where he plays a mental patient/Don Juan
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Gene Wilder wins
The 9th Gate - Depp goes satanic.
Finding Neverland - Where he plays the author of 'Peter Pan'
Chocolat - I think he was a gypsy
Sleepy Hollow - with a blond Christina Ricci
Donnie Brasco - from my brief sojourn into gangster movies
Benny & Joon - I loved this movie in high school.

So I think I am qualified to make some judgments here. And I say that anyone who doesn't think twice before watching a Johhny Depp movie is nuts. That being said, out of the movies I've watched, these are the ones I really really liked:

1. Benny & Joon
2. The 9th Gate
3. Cry Baby

I would add 'Finding Neverland' but its too damn sad.

note* the amazing loml took me to a movie theatre tonight that had the *best* popcorn. Thanks honey!

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