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another day, another centavo

So I'm an adult, which means that I accept responsibility for myself. (note* I am not saying this is the definition but its just how I feel about it right now). So I'm sitting at work, ignoring my current tasks (very adult!) in favor of considering my career path.

I suspect a lot of us do this, but who knows. I know that when I'm ill-content, that's what I think about.. my friggin' life. So anyway, I decided it was a good time to retake the Myers-Briggs personality test just to get some perspective on me. The problem with these things is that people are very willing to accept any kind of result, as long as it seems credible. but, I'm reasonably intelligent, so when I say that I think my results are spot on, they actually are.

So I came out with an INFJ and I thought I'd highlight the bits that peaked my interest:

- I am service-oriented, like jesus or ghandi. Dammit dammit dammit.
- I am highly intuitive, which can lead to thinking that I'm always right. (the loml is laughing right now, I can tell).
- When stressed, I lose sight of the big picture and start not caring about how I come across to others. oy..
- I am a leader, though I am perfectly happy to follow someone if I believe in them... And that, ladies and gentleman, is the summary of my career. generally happy when I like my boss, unhappy when I don't.

Actually, there is a lot of stuff in there that I found really helpful. Here is the link to the descriptions, which I recommend: https://www.personalitypage.com/portraits.html

Note* you can't actually take the Myers-Briggs test at that site, because they want you to register and stuff. I used a couple of free ones to confirm mine:


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