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customer appreciation day

So its my 360th blog entry and I thought it was high time I did something special for you, dear reader. Unfortunately, its going to be rather arbitrary and not at all associated with merit, which is how life is (as explained by my latest self help book). So today, I'd like to spotlight two of my lovely blog commenters, who have been selected because they are my oldest and newest.

First of all, mr.sluckey. mr.sluckey is always good for a reference to 'Call of Cthulu', the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or Soylent Green (and I'm glad about that last one because I was noticing a disturbing trend). He commented on my blog even before I had functional comments working. I'd like to take this moment to say to you, "I love you man, you and tater tots."

Secondly, our newest commenter. I know its not fair to single you out already, Yijia, since you've only made one small comment about maxi dresses and gardening. But just think, all that in just one comment! I sense great potential in you (assuming this spotlighting doesn't make you flee the comment box). Don't worry, no one reads this blog. I swear.

So that's it for today, but all you other fantastic commenters, worry not. I'll get you too.


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