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freedom ain't free

so I got a parking ticket. The county that I work in converted what used to be a free parking area into a badly labeled metered area, with no meters. I was supposed to locate the nearest parking device, give it my money, and then put a receipt on my dash, which I failed to do. thus, the ticket.

and all I can say is, I'm really glad that local government doesn't work like a capitalist enterprise. My measly ticket was only $25 but I felt like I was wronged, so I called the courthouse who told me to swing by. I spent another $1 to park at the courthouse, waited about 5 minutes, just to get told that I had to set a court date. And as I was considering it, the clerk pointed at a sign. Which told me that if I was found guilty, I would also have to pay $61 in court fees. The cost-benefit analysis was getting to me, so I asked the clerk if I could set up a court date over the phone later, but no. I have to come in person to set up a court date.

and just like that, they won my $25. As I left the building, I couldn't help but think it was all really unfair. A nice judge would probably let me off, or even an empowered customer service rep. Which is when I realized that this was all crazy thinking. Good customer service reps cost money. Do I really want to pay for that kind of thing? My freaking parking ticket would've probably cost me $100 in that reality. Not to mention that the county would probably be trying to retain profitable citizens. Who wants to live in a place where they encourage people who give money to the government?

That's like how the credit card companies love customers who miss
payments. ughh.. So there you have it. please feel free to send me some cash. This post was kinda expensive.


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