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it's good to be the king

So at the end of lunch today I hijacked my crew into making a detour at
the middle eastern pastry shop (where they sell dessert by weight). Four
dollars later, I was out the door with a tasty selection of pastry which I
tried to offer to my co-workers. Lucky for me, no one wanted any as my
choice of the day, some kind of crunched up pistachio-phyllo dough
combination, was covered with skinny white noodles and looked weird.

but sucker them, cause the whole mess is soaked in some kind of divine
rose-honey water syrup mix. I've eaten about 2 and a half of them now,
which is why you get to read this love note to my dessert.

In other news, I'm strongly considering getting a scooter. And by
considering, I mean I am probably going to get one as soon as I get around
to getting a motorcycle license and everyone I know finishes telling me a
cautionary tale about that guy they know who is dead/in a body cast/unable
to walk due to a fractured pelvis.


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