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johnny depp

I have watched the following Johnny Depp movies:

Public Enemies - the new one about John Dilinger
Cry Baby - a musical where he plays a juvenile delinquent
Pirates of the Caribbean - where he steals the movie from Orlando Bloom
Edward Scissorhands - with a blond winona ryder
Don Juan Demarco - where he plays a mental patient/Don Juan
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Gene Wilder wins
The 9th Gate - Depp goes satanic.
Finding Neverland - Where he plays the author of 'Peter Pan'
Chocolat - I think he was a gypsy
Sleepy Hollow - with a blond Christina Ricci
Donnie Brasco - from my brief sojourn into gangster movies
Benny & Joon - I loved this movie in high school.

So I think I am qualified to make some judgments here. And I say that anyone who doesn't think twice before watching a Johhny Depp movie is nuts. That being said, out of the movies I've watched, these are the ones I really really liked:

1. Benny & Joon
2. The 9th Gate
3. Cry Baby

I would add 'Finding Neverland' but its too damn sad.

note* the amazing loml took me to a movie theatre tonight that had the *best* popcorn. Thanks honey!


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