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mission: impossible

So yesterday I mentioned my intention to work on my speech. You know with all refraining of unhelpfulness and all that (did you realize that unsolicited advice falls into that category?.. hint hint).

Anyway, I was at the Ross-dress-for-less on Friday, waiting in line to check out. And this pretty ethiopian(?) woman in front of me, turns to me and says, "Do you like this purse?"

and i look at it. Its a fairly large wallet made of white leather (not patent) and decorated at the edges with this crazy pink, yellow, and blue weave. I don't like it. So I say, "No."

and the woman gives off this frustrated sigh and says, "Its a gift! I don't know what to get her!" and she turns away and starts staring at this wallet. I'm not really sure what to do, and I'm wondering if I was supposed to know if she wanted a real opinion or just some kind of reassurance that everything would be ok. But, she moved on to the cashier and returned the wallet.

Now that I've gotten that little incident off my chest, I can share my goal for the day:

Speaking in complete sentences.

I don't think that previous statement is a complete sentence. And I can tell you this.. There have been several times that I can think of where I have been completely mis-understood because I didn't use complete sentences. So here we go.. Goal of the day!


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