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ode to monday

So i'm a little antsy this monday. I can't tell if its because I skipped
my Sunday meditation practice or the fact that I bought an organizer. I
love organizers/planners. I will schedule my whole life in there if I
can, so when I bought one last friday, I spent about 30 minutes booking in
all my events. which were pretty few because I had spent the previous
month and half without one which meant that my event schedule had gone to

and the reason that I didn't have a planner for a month and a half is
because I was moving into Meowderly, which is probably the worst time to
not be organized. but it happens.

but now I have a planner and I've efficiently demolished all the little
activities that I needed to do, leaving me with extra time. ugh.. which I
am now going to fill up with more activities. dang planner.


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