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August 3, 2009

breakfast of champions

today I had a lender's bagel with vegetable cream cheese and a yogurt drink for breakfast. The lender's bagel was runty and tough, but it was the only kind in the frozen section at my local grocery. In stark contrast was the cream cheese, which came from the local farmers market and actually had little chunks of vegetable in it.

I have little comment about the yogurt drink. Its Dannon's DanActive which I prefer over the Activia because its not as thick. The local farmers' market also sells a yogurt drink, which is also a bit too thick for my tastes.

Anyway, an interesting consequence of eating breakfast was that I actually had energy today, but not as much as my cats did after I bought them this!

August 5, 2009

serenity, now!

A couple of months ago, I was telling one of my coworkers about Meowderly and how it had so much more space than the condo the loml and I had been living in.

"oooh!" , she says, "you can have a serenity room!".

So this was news to me and I asked her to explain. Evidently, a serenity room is the female equivalent of a man cave. Except instead of being filled with mindless male entertainment, its peaceful and calming. So I filed that thought away. and this week, I realized that it was time. It was time to work on my serenity room.

I had already designated a room as my craft/hobby room, but it wasn't really that much fun to be in, which is when i realized that it would be way more fun if I made it a serenity room. so I sat down and brainstormed about what my room would be like, and I made a little list:

  • plants
  • comfy chair
  • wall decor

as far as lists go, it was pretty lame. I figured it was time to turn to a higher power. So I googled it. And you know who else has a serenity room?

The betty ford center.

Yep, #1 on the google results. which is sorta funny.. i guess. i had no idea that you had to have problems before you got to have a serenity room. but whatever, so I googled around and made a plan.

which is why my craft room is currently half painted a warm reddish-pink (technically called mineral red). I actually wanted to choose pepper red, which was gorgeous... but I know myself. and I'm really a shade or two lighter than anything I actually think I want. so mineral red it is. and, I've just purchased a purple chaise lounge.

so, maybe I'll just have to rename it the awesome room when I'm done. I'll let you know how it goes.

August 8, 2009

the truth about brassica

ok so two items today.

Firstly, I just read this really odd news item today indicating that our last president bush, is a bit of a religious crackpot. News item here. Now I am sure that some of these incidents might be taken out of context, but what really bothers me is that I had to read about this 6 years after it occurred. What happened to my liberal media EH???

and now the second item. My dear friend olus. I'm so glad you read my blog. But when you come in and comment on multiple entries in one sitting, I just can't individually respond to them. So congrats, you get this entry (in honor of authoring the 100th (technically the 97th - 104th comment). So in chronological order, here are my responses to your responses:

Olus on 'man caves':
Are man caves only for less evolved males? Is there a requirement for mindless male entertainment? Would a serenity room have mindless female entertainment? Could a serenity room support both males and females? Inquiring minds want to know!

I know I'm a hippie when it comes to less than subtle gender-related segregation, but there are straight males who appreciate serenity.

Yes, my dear friend, you caught me. I was perpetuating a nasty gender-based stereotype that a man doesn't want a serenity room and instead wants a football room. But please note, only one of these rooms has beer.

olus on Johnny Depp
I agree. I've seen all but two of those movies and parts of another. I've found that people either really like him or really don't like him. Not a lot of in-betweens. Were you a 21 Jump Street fan? I saw pieces of it occasionally, but I didn't get into JD until his movies.

P.S. The Alamo Drafthouse sometimes has good popcorn. I think they are opening one in Winchester, VA.
Dude, I love good popcorn. I am ambivalent about Johnny Depp movies. Does this make them art?

olus on cat toys (and bagels):
Yeah, I can't imagine a lot of good coming from freezing a bagel.

The cat toy you bought reminds me of a "fish in a fish bowl" type cat toy I saw at Petsmart the other day. At first it seemed really cute, but then I realized it would be a bad idea if I had a cat and planned on having a real fish tank down the road.

We have a betta (Julio) in a bowl. Every once in a while I catch our cat up to her fuzzy armpits in the water, trying to eat the fish. I keep having to hide Julio around the house.

olus on thinking before speaking:

Well, thinking before you speak probably does come with a bit of practice. Being somewhat of a loner and insecure as a child I spent a lot of time having conversations in my head before they actually occurred. I think this probably led to getting into the habit of thinking about what I'm going to say beforehand. For practice you could try re-reading your posts/emails a couple of times before they are posted/sent and think about, "Will this have the intended outcome? Does this get my message across?"

Well, the good news is that when I read this, I went back and edited this post before publishing. This is good thinking, I'll try it.

olus on unsolicited advice:
That is a little odd. Your opinion somehow rates higher than her own in getting a gift for her..acquaintance..friend? It's not like she can fall back on the ol' "I don't know what kind of gift to get a woman".

hah! you know, I was just hoping that my opinion only reinforced her own latent thoughts that her gift was lame. I hope. cause that was an ugly wallet. And wait a minute! Why can't a woman not know what to get another woman?! you sir, are guilty of whatever it was you accused me of in that previous entry.

olus on the dangers of motorcycles:
Yeah, I knew a guy who used to ride a motorcycle. Now he's a zombie and a slave to a wizard. Be cautioned!

oh noes!

olus on being discontent with one's career:
Yeah, welcome to the era of the lowest common denominator, otherwise known as "The Death of Excellence." If and when I become burned out working with computers and people who pretend to know how to use them, I'll probably become a Chef after I kill somebody with my thumb.

sadly my friend, I think the end is near.

Thank you for reading my odd thought and responding to them. I hope you don't mind the post.

August 12, 2009

pretty in pink

so John Hughes died, which I figured out while reading this article on the post. It took me about half way through, trying to figure out what point the author was trying to make, until I realized it.

So I think it was actually a good read, and not because I'm trying to make a point about the 80's or john hughes or those funny movies. but because we should all be the sausage kings of chicago.

August 13, 2009

the power

Today I realized that my boss hates his job. Probably in the same way that I have felt about certain of my jobs in the past. I went over to transact some kind of status with him, and he said "Can I leave now?"

and I realized that he meant, forever, from this job. So I said, "Yeah. go ahead". Because I have always loved the idea of people doing things for themselves. And that might be why some people think I'm selfish, but I think if we were all a little happier, we'd be a little nicer too. So I'm all for being selfish, for all the right reasons.

so, aside from that, I also ran across this. You must check it out. Its a little toilet humor, but completely safe for work, your mother, and any one else.. except maybe the cat.

August 18, 2009

serenity, how!

well everyone, my serenity room is almost done. I got all the walls and most of the trim painted this last weekend, largely in part to the loml, who insisted that I spend the time on it. And I must admit, I am really glad I did because it is amazing.

The walls are this dark reddish-pink color which are covered with a faux colorwash of bronze/gold glaze. I also moved a "dusty lavender" (aka purple) chaise lounge into the space, complete with decorative purple and gold pillows. In a worst case scenario, it sorta looks like Barbie's whorehouse, but I prefer to listen to my sister who says its "sophisticated" in an indian-theme kind of way. I love it. the cats love it (technically, they love the chaise. It seems to smell very interesting to them and is low enough for all of the to jump on with little difficulty). The loml refuses to enter on the grounds that its a girls room.

Now just as soon as I replace the party lanterns I'm using as a light source, we'll see sophisticated. I tried to take a picture to show you guys but the walls are resisting accurate depiction. I think it has something to do with the metallic glaze I used. Either that or the room is alive and resisting publicity. I'll let you know.

August 19, 2009

and in other news...

I used to read 'Archie' comics when I was a kid. There were something that my parents got for me and I really thought they were pretty neat. So imagine my surprise when I saw on cnn.com that Archie had finally picked his pony and proposed to Veronica.

Not for a second do I actually believe that the writers are going to have this multi-issue plot conclude in a wedding. The Betty-Archie-Veronica triangle is the basis of the comic and is as much of an americana-labeling system as autobot/decepticon stickers on your car. but anyway.

So there has been a lot of hubub, bruhahaha, gnashing of teeth, and general wailing about the decision. So I thought I'd toss in my opinion.

Note* today I took a brief look at that website that focuses on webpages that suck (http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com/) in an effort to educate people through bad examples. One of their points of suck is when a website author assumes that people care about the page. Ha! So I violate that one everyday. One point of suck, automatically.

ok, so back to the archie-veronica-betty thing. As anyone who's taken more than five seconds to read an "Archie" comic knows, it boils down to this:

1 - Veronica is a beautiful, rich, and inconsiderate snob who shows brief occasional moment of kindness, usually when the plot line is about something meaningful, like how illiterate people need help and should learn to read (though how the hell Archie thinks illiterate people were going to get their message, I don't know).

2 - Betty is the beautiful, heart-of-gold, girl-next-door, who loves Archie and will do anything to make him happy (and hers).

3 - Archie is an average looking joe who is constantly vacillating between the two women, taking Betty for granted and occasionally (constantly) getting burned by Veronica's bitchy ways.

Well duh! the answer is obvious. Archie should get want he deserves and marry Veronica. And Betty should get some self-respect. Obviously Archie likes the shabby treatment as he's been pursuing it for the last 70 years or so and no doubt will learn a few truths about life and himself in the process.

Problem solved. thank you all, I'll be tacking the health care situation next time.

August 23, 2009

How do you like them aliens?

So, recently while recovering from a bout of food poisoning...

actually, let's talk about the food poisoning for a bit here. I'm not going into any of the sordid details, but it took 2 days for me to regain the ability to urinate, 3 days to be able to eat crackers, and 4 days to actually consume half a serving of food - total for a day!!! And the worst part is, that I'm not sure how it happened! My most likely suspect is 'Golden Cow', a vietnamese noodle house near my office. Runners up are a bottle of Dannon DanActive Probiotic Yogurt, whole wheat bagels from the grocery store, and the bowl of gazpacho I made a few days ago. At this rate I suspect everything. which sucks, cause I love food. That's just kind of my mood at the moment, thanks for listening.

So back to the aliens. Today was the first day that I could actually be taken places in car and walk distances without passing out or anything embarrassing. So the loml and I went to see 'District 9', which I think has only been out for a week or so.

Note* There is a good chance I will ruin the movie for you if you keep reading this.

and what can I say, its a great movie. The special effects are AMAZING because not only do they look great, but they aren't the main point of what might otherwise be a really lousy movie (*hint hint Transformers , I'm still bitter). But let's be clear, again, its a great movie from all aspects that I can reckon. Good plot, good acting, good action, great CGI, everything. So now that I've gotten that out of the way, let's get to what the movie was really about.

At first glance, its a retread of questioning our own humanity, by considering how we treat others. Its where star trek has been going for years, its eerily similar to the base plot line of 'Alien Nation' where a huge slave ship of aliens crashes on earth and now they have to be integrated into society (or at least the spin-off tv show, since I never saw the movie). but if you look closer, i think its less of sci-fi movie, and closer to one of those explorations of the human psyche where you get to see the main character, Wikus, gain his humanity.

to be specific. He's an animal, the society he lives in is animalistic, no better than a herd of wild animals who have banded together to secure resources from other animals who are different. This is made clearly apparent in the setup of the movie, with the displays of inhumane treatment that go on (and how can anyone miss the great hint that is South Africa?).

Though Animal Wikus begins to physically change, all of his reactions are fear-based. Fear for his life, fear for his way of life, fear of change. Even though his actions are now more exciting and explosive, he hasn't gotten anywhere. He hasn't really changed at all that is, until the very end, when he stops running away. That's when he becomes human, which ironically enough, is also when he becomes one of them.

Who'd a thunk? A sci-fi movie with some great thinking points. Peter Jackson! I applaud you. and you know what, this movie really reminded me of 'Enemy Mine'. Anyone else get that?

August 30, 2009

a tisket, a tasket

well another weekend has passed us by at meowderly. I can't think that I've learned anything exceptional to pass on to you all.

I continued on in my seemingly endless task to find a summer dress. Fashion has been so ridiculous this year that summer is just about over, and I still don't have a damn dress. I refused to purchase one of those stupid 60's inspired maxi dresses but did feel weak enough to purchase two of those stupid 80's t-shirt blouse-dress things. To quote the loml when I showed him what I had bought, "... that... looks weird. Is that a dress or a shirt".

which summarizes it quite nicely i think. They look stupid and I'm returning them to the store ASAP. This is what I bought, (and one of these as well) and while I think I looked pretty good it still doesn't stop them from being trendily-dumb.

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