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a tisket, a tasket

well another weekend has passed us by at meowderly. I can't think that I've learned anything exceptional to pass on to you all.

I continued on in my seemingly endless task to find a summer dress. Fashion has been so ridiculous this year that summer is just about over, and I still don't have a damn dress. I refused to purchase one of those stupid 60's inspired maxi dresses but did feel weak enough to purchase two of those stupid 80's t-shirt blouse-dress things. To quote the loml when I showed him what I had bought, "... that... looks weird. Is that a dress or a shirt".

which summarizes it quite nicely i think. They look stupid and I'm returning them to the store ASAP. This is what I bought, (and one of these as well) and while I think I looked pretty good it still doesn't stop them from being trendily-dumb.


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