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and in other news...

I used to read 'Archie' comics when I was a kid. There were something that my parents got for me and I really thought they were pretty neat. So imagine my surprise when I saw on cnn.com that Archie had finally picked his pony and proposed to Veronica.

Not for a second do I actually believe that the writers are going to have this multi-issue plot conclude in a wedding. The Betty-Archie-Veronica triangle is the basis of the comic and is as much of an americana-labeling system as autobot/decepticon stickers on your car. but anyway.

So there has been a lot of hubub, bruhahaha, gnashing of teeth, and general wailing about the decision. So I thought I'd toss in my opinion.

Note* today I took a brief look at that website that focuses on webpages that suck (http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com/) in an effort to educate people through bad examples. One of their points of suck is when a website author assumes that people care about the page. Ha! So I violate that one everyday. One point of suck, automatically.

ok, so back to the archie-veronica-betty thing. As anyone who's taken more than five seconds to read an "Archie" comic knows, it boils down to this:

1 - Veronica is a beautiful, rich, and inconsiderate snob who shows brief occasional moment of kindness, usually when the plot line is about something meaningful, like how illiterate people need help and should learn to read (though how the hell Archie thinks illiterate people were going to get their message, I don't know).

2 - Betty is the beautiful, heart-of-gold, girl-next-door, who loves Archie and will do anything to make him happy (and hers).

3 - Archie is an average looking joe who is constantly vacillating between the two women, taking Betty for granted and occasionally (constantly) getting burned by Veronica's bitchy ways.

Well duh! the answer is obvious. Archie should get want he deserves and marry Veronica. And Betty should get some self-respect. Obviously Archie likes the shabby treatment as he's been pursuing it for the last 70 years or so and no doubt will learn a few truths about life and himself in the process.

Problem solved. thank you all, I'll be tacking the health care situation next time.


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