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serenity, how!

well everyone, my serenity room is almost done. I got all the walls and most of the trim painted this last weekend, largely in part to the loml, who insisted that I spend the time on it. And I must admit, I am really glad I did because it is amazing.

The walls are this dark reddish-pink color which are covered with a faux colorwash of bronze/gold glaze. I also moved a "dusty lavender" (aka purple) chaise lounge into the space, complete with decorative purple and gold pillows. In a worst case scenario, it sorta looks like Barbie's whorehouse, but I prefer to listen to my sister who says its "sophisticated" in an indian-theme kind of way. I love it. the cats love it (technically, they love the chaise. It seems to smell very interesting to them and is low enough for all of the to jump on with little difficulty). The loml refuses to enter on the grounds that its a girls room.

Now just as soon as I replace the party lanterns I'm using as a light source, we'll see sophisticated. I tried to take a picture to show you guys but the walls are resisting accurate depiction. I think it has something to do with the metallic glaze I used. Either that or the room is alive and resisting publicity. I'll let you know.


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