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Sorry about the delay in updates.  I've been crafting a bit and failed to tell you all about it.

First of all, the loml and I are going to be Farscape peacekeepers for halloween.  Its terribly geeky and I've having a bang up time making our outfits.  Right now, I'm working on making a replica of this vest that Crichton wore on the show.

I've got all the pieces cut out and put decorative stitching everywhere. The only thing that slowed me down is the piping.  That vest has piping at every near every join.  After googling a bit, I discovered that they actually make a piping foot for sewing machines.  This thing looks amazing but they don't sell it at any of my local stores.  In fact, I'm starting to wonder if they only make these things for the professional sewing
machines.  but whatever, I guess I'll have to make my piping as normal.

Secondly, I started taking belly dancing classes upon the recommendation of friend.  I couldn't get a partner for swing dancing and my other option was to sign up at the local community college for modern dance.  I love both those things, but right now, belly dancing wins!

I went to my first class last night and it was lots of fun.  Sadly, I failed to tuck my tailbone under sufficiently and wound up torquing my lower spine a bit much.  All these years of yoga alignment and I still have to hurt myself before thinking about it.. sad sad sad..

So that's the quick and dirty of it.  Maybe I'll work in a rant about proper network management next time.


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