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fight club

This is not going to be a lady-like post. I'm sorry if you get discomforted. ok?

I spend a lot of today swallowing my own blood.

...and thinking about that scene from fight club where Norton says you can swallow a pint of your own blood before you get sick. I know I didn't get anywhere near that close, but also I just finished reading "Got Fight" by Forrest Griffin, and he also notes that people don't usually bleed near enough from little cuts to actually come to harm. By the way, its a fun book but don't go expecting any amazing insight there. I did learn the correct way to thumb someone in the eye in a street fight though.

anywho, I started out the morning with a nose bleed. It was kind of weird because a) I don't have a cocaine habit and b) I never get nose bleeds. I did spend a while in the shower thinking "why does it feel like I'm swallowing blood?"

I never figured out why I had the nose bleed but it stopped after a bit so I didn't worry about it. Things seemed alright until after lunch when I decided to have another go with the floss picks again. It only took 3 picks this time and I flossed almost my entire mouth. Unfortunately, these little bastards are so hard to get through my teeth, I wound up with a really nasty case of "swallowing yet more of my own blood". I'm really sorry guys.. I'm not sure why I feel obligated to share this with you, but there it is.

I'm going to the store now and I hope they sell some floss picks by Glide. Cause I don't want to have another day like this one.


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