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home improvement

well, its officially a banner weekend at Meowderly. Today the loml and I invested in a new washer & dryer. Much thanks to the loml for making me pick a set instead of spending the next day and half reading every single amazon.com review in existence.

I'm really looking forward to having a washing machine that can actually spin the water out of my blankets.

On a lighter note, I decided to start using those little floss picks. One of the guys in my office always uses one after a lunch (now, this could be kind of disgusting because he always pulls out a floss pick after lunch, while we are still in the car.. but I somehow he gets away with it). I asked him about it, because my old dentist wanted me to floss twice a day, but I have the worst track record on this kind of thing.

He said it was pretty convenient and he winds up reusing his floss picks with no issues (again, I should find this disgusting, but you would have to meet him. Somehow, he gets away with it). Now this was the major concern for me. they sell these things for $5 a pack, and I'm wondering about the excess waste in picks and cost-effectiveness as opposed to using a standard pack of floss. (now that I write this down, it all seems so petty and silly though... hmm)

anyway, I decided to give it a go and spent $2 on a 40 pack of flossers. And the moment I tried to use one, I remembered why i have such a shitty track record with flossing. My back teeth are crowded and they shred floss like you would not believe. The only thing that works for me is Glide, and even then it can be a bit of a hard time. Unfortunately, I bought another brand of floss picks and I went through four of them before I gave up. bleh..

at least my new tongue scraper won't give me any issues.


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