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Is there pleather in space?

So the loml (who will no longer be mentioned since he now thinks "blogs are stupid") and I went shopping for our Halloween costumes today. We hit up a army/navy surplus store and a few other places and my costume is pretty much complete. I even got a pulse rifle, which will be much cooler after I paint it black. The only part of my costume that I hadn't anticipated was the work-out requirement.

Evidently the majority of humanoids in space are either wearing fancy body armor or leather. And if you're a female humanoid in space it gets to be tight leather. Yay me. Basically what I'm saying is that I have to hit the gym. Today and everyday from now until Halloween. Because while my legs are undoubtably amazing, they aren't exactly inter-galacticly "my species has discovered FTL drives but we still wear the skins of dead beings" amazing


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