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that is it

ok - i swear I'm done. I finally got some floss picks that work. I am in clean mouth feeling heaven. Flossing twice a day, I never want to stop.. and before I break into song I want to say something about Hawaii.

My office buddy, who I originally wrote about two entries ago, is from Hawaii. He's the one who breaks out a floss pick after eating lunch and is the one who inspired me to do this. I mentioned that normally, i would find the idea of someone flossing in public a little disgusting, but something about this guy makes it seem ok.

I finally figured out what it is. He's from Hawaii. And he's chill, just like several other people I've seen who are natives of this interesting state. He's practically a tan Fonzie. So what I want to know is:
1) are most people from hawaii like this?
2) if I move to hawaii, will I too gain serenity?

The sad part about my coworker is that after being in D.C. traffic for about two weeks, I actually saw him get upset. It was like seeing someone litter on the Great Pyramids or something, really sad man.


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