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two dolla hot dogs

So last night, the loml and I went to a soccer game. It was alleged to be $2 dollar beer night, so things were already off to an interesting start. (incidentally, I learned a new word: arrogated). Anyways, we get into the stadium and it is true! $2 domestic drafts! a freakin' miracle in this age of $7 stadium bud! So we get ourselves some beers, and quickly discover the truth of $2 beer.. it tastes weird. like tequiza or something. So if anybody hears about a huge shipment of skunked beer that mysteriously was sold off, you let me know.

anyways, the soccer game was fantastic. The loml gets tickets in the same section every year and we see the same people pretty frequently. I think the ticket office puts regular season or half-season holders in the same spot. So as I was looking around yesterday, I was amazing to realize that after 4+ years of watching the local team, I felt really familiar with the people around me. Four rows in front is a guy that I am pretty sure was my roommate for a year, but I'm not sure because we parted on bad terms and I have no idea what happened to him. And now, even if it is really him, I don't have anything to say... so the mystery lives on. about 2 rows, plus or minus, and 4 seats over is a guy I went to graduate school with. I've also never talked to him because again, not so much to say but we nod at each other every once in a while. not to mention the consistently foul-mouthed but funny drunk people that always show up. They kind of feel like distant relatives by now.

So it was all fun and games until half-time rolled around. I had left ten minutes early to get some nachos, which is always some crazy ordeal. When will these stadium concession assholes stop hiding the one vendor of nachos from me??? By the time I finally found the nachos, another complication had arisen. Turns out, it was also $2 hot dog night. and while the vendors had prepped for the beer issue, they hadn't prepared for the apparently insatiable masses. My line totally got tanked when they kept running out of hot dogs.

and when they started a new line for 'beer only' things got really out of hand. I decided to go with something I learned from the loml. and that is that lines are not real. So when the lines started collapsing (its chaos!) I shouldered up to the counter and demanded two beers and nachos! Because seriously, its not gonna kill the 'beer only' guy to get me some nachos.

Thanks to the ever efficient concession staff, it only took me 25 minutes to get my stuff. Thank god i love nachos.


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