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just when I think things aren't getting weirder

so i own a wii. Mainly because the party games are a lot of fun. But every once in a while you run into a single player game that is really awesome. Cooking Mama World Kitchen is not that game. So far, I would say that Mario Galaxy is one of those games, but I haven't played that in a year.

Instead I've been playing Cooking Mama World Kitchen. I bought it last weekend because once long ago, I rented the original Cooking Mama and it was so much fun! But I can't find it any more so I bought this edition instead. For those of you who aren't familiar (aka 99.9% of the population), the purpose of cooking mama is to learn how to cook all these different dishes. For example, you can make marinated sea bream. I don't really know what sea bream is besides some kind of fish. And I know that because I get to kill the fish, chop off its head, tail, and fins, fillet it and then chop up vegetables to go with it. See! this game is all kinds of fun.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to make hamburgers. Its really frustrating. I manage to chop up ingredients and make the patties, but when it comes time to cook them in the pan, I always manage to flip the damn things out and then dinner is ruined! Ruined I tell you!!

argghghhh - cooking mama!!!!


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