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television and soda

Wow, I had no idea that it had been two weeks since my last entry. That being said, I don't have two weeks of snarky insight to share (much to my regret). The loml and I went to Puerto Rico for a few days though and I engaged in several activities that I haven't done for a while (note* while I appreciate that several of you, my dear friends, do actually live in the gutter, any resulting commentary will result.. actually, I can't think of anything so terrible that I would do. You are my friends, and I knew you were filthy when we met.)

so anyways..

I got to watch a lot of television and i discovered two things. SNL is still funny! yay! and number #2 is that commercials have gotten simultaneously stupider and more funny. I'd almost suspect that if you graphed the intelligence in commercials these days, you'd see a double hump on the charts...

also, after about seven years, i tried having soda with lunch and dinner. ughh. was that a mistake. that much sugar in your drinks is even more disgusting after having not bothering with the crack for years.

and there are some big lizards in puerto rico.. huge..


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