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November 5, 2009

tomorrow is just a day, away....

Sorry about the dearth of updates, I was feeling under the weather the last couple of weeks. But that's over now and I'm back with the irreverent not-news that is my life.

First of all, I would like to say that freemason societies still persist. I've heard that their membership has been dropping recently, especially in organizations like the elks club and moose lodges, where the gents tend to be old. Unless you are in small town where there is nothing to do, young people don't seem to be in to it. Note* this conclusion was based on a discussion with one person, which seems to be good enough for me.

However, sneaky organizations like the Rotary Club with their claims of goodwill and service still persist. So watch out people. Freemasons.. they're out there.

Secondly, a small update on Cooking Mama. I am "cooking better than mama", so hah! note* this game is rated E for everybody.

November 8, 2009

CBS Strikeforce is the suck

ok - so the loml and i just watched the CBS MMA presentation, Strikeforce. and I have got to say, what is wrong with you numbnuts at CBS?

Are you completely incapable of finding competent commentators?! Heaven forbid you find people who are capable of intelligently identifying what is going on inside the octagon! Comments like "oooh! He's destroying his legs!" are the kind of indulgent pap that I would expect from a thirteen year old who'd never seen a fight in his life.

And that post fight interview with Fedor after he trashed Rogers? Was it necessary to spend the whole interview directing the discussion to be about the loser? "Let's thank Rogers. He was a good fighter. How did you feel after Rogers broke your nose? What did you see about Rogers that allowed you to beat him? If Rogers wanted to, would you fight him again?"

Here is a small tip CBS! Next time, don't hire the guy who's sucking Roger's cock to interview the winner. (And as the loml pointed out, when someone is using a translator its usually a mistake to repeatedly ask incredibly long run-on questions. I'm sure the audience really loved how it took 5 minutes to play the telephone game with all parties involved every time - bonus insult because the questions were so incredibly stupid.)

God! What are you gonna do next CBS? Send me money to watch MMA on Spike TV?


note* Don't think this is anything new either. I just checked my archive and I found a similar rant that I wrote in June 2008 about how CBS' Elite XC MMA production totally sucked!

November 10, 2009

ladies, you are missing out

So I don't want you all to think that I spend my free time raging at the television after watching mixed martial arts. I have a soft side, much like the squishy center of a tastykake product. but anyways, today I realized that I was watching one of the most romantic chick-flick series ever, and its even one that your man might watch as well..

I just can't believe that america has not embraced this amazing piece of true life romance yet. And if you haven't watched it already, then you really missed out because the last episode of Tool Academy (season 2) just finished.

Now, like most rational people, I was happier when MTV and VH1 actually showed music videos. But this show is so awesome that I'm ready to forgive VH1 a tiny tiny bit (MTV - you are still in the shitter until you come up with another Liquid Television or Remote Control).

If you aren't familiar, Tool Academy is a reality television show where girlfriends trick their boyfriends into a 10-week relationship bootcamp. Every week, a couple gets eliminated and the winner gets $100,000. Its just like watching 'The Amazing Race' but instead of seeing people freak out while traveling to amazing new places around the world, you get to see people freak out while exploring their feelings in their relationships.

And since this show hasn't been ruined yet by 'experienced' contestants trying to game the system, its still amazingly powerful in its trashy yet universal truths. And its definitely in the trashy, because these guys are definitely tools. The average contestant in this show has cheated on his girlfriend at least three times with several women, disrespects his woman on a daily basis, doesn't have a steady job, hates the idea of commitment, won't listen, blah blah blah. If you've ever had a complaint about a man, its practically guaranteed that at least half the guys on this show will carry this issue out to the fullest.

And why do the women stay? Therein lies the sheer chick-flickness of this show. Because they are damned by hope. Most of them know they are making a mistake by staying, and the only thing more gut wrenching than seeing what they put up with, is seeing one of them dump her man when she finally realizes that its time to just give up. Its like watching a bad contestant on American Idol when the judges trash them, but even worse because you can empathize.

but before you accuse me of being the kind of person who enjoys pulling off butterfly wings, cause that's what this show is like a lot of the time, I have to say there are some really amazing parts too. Like seeing a man break down when he finally realizes that he's been taking his girlfriend for granted, and damn.. is he sorry now.

So seriously ladies, if you want to see drama, heartbreak, romance, and true love winning out (but are tired of watching Pride & Prejudice for the 800th time - which is technically impossible, I will love that story forever), watch Tool Academy - Season 2.

maybe we'll get lucky and it'll get on netflix someday.

November 13, 2009


the loml is the most wonderful man i know (and the funniest).

you're the best!

that is all.

November 17, 2009

devil in the details

So the loml has been out of town this week and I'm taking the opportunity to do all the things I don't get to do when he's here.

in short, i've been bad. the tales of my exploits would horrify you...
if they were actually that terrible. let's see what I've been up to, in order:

1. Ordered fried tofu for lunch with spring rolls! (no actual intact vegetables in this meal!)
2. Slept in the middle of the bed! With ALL THE PILLOWS!
3. Didn't bother to punish the cat for crying at 6am (thus ruining the two previous days of training)
4. Had a doughnut for breakfast!
5. Went on a shopping spree at the mall! (ooo- the badness)
6. Ordered from the chinese/indian franchise down the street for dinner.


yes, well... Obviously I'm gearing up for something huge. Just you wait.

November 18, 2009


it is my personal preference to not pay too much attention to the "news". mainly because, by and large, headlines are either fear-inducing crap or just crap (ex. balloon boy).

but I do have to say something about the news today and also politics. Something else I try not to pay attention do. Evidently, the latest Newsweek put a picture of Sarah Palin on the cover which is attracting a lot of attention. She's wearing an athletic top and shorts. Because it was originally for a magazine called 'Runner's World', which makes sense right?

Now, I don't think Sarah Palin was a good VP candidate, and I don't think she's a good politician, but one thing is true. She is absolutely getting hazed by the media.

And just because its great to finally be out from the Shrub presidency doesn't mean that we also have to be asses about it.. or at the very least, we shouldn't be rewarding Newsweek for their attempt to sell copy with this shameless manipulation of those who don't respect Sarah Palin.

just sayin'

November 19, 2009

VH1 - tough love

So just last week I wrote this fannish-entry about how much I had enjoyed a VH1 show called 'Tool Academy'. I said that it was something that couples could actually watch together since the guys would laugh at the idiot men and women would enjoy finally seeing these outliers of jerkdom get their come-uppance.

Well, while I was waiting for the final episode of this season's Project Runway to air (only 2 hours to go), I thought I would watch some tv. And wound up watching another VH1 presentation called 'Tough Love'. The premise of this show is to take 8 clueless single women on a 10-week bootcamp to shape them up for finding romance. And yes, you've guessed it. Its really just 'Tool Academy' but with single women instead. And boy, do these women have all the issues that you know about but just MORE. From emotional detachment to scarily attention-seeking to gold-digging, its really awful.

And that is what amazed me. I loved seeing the men just eat it for their idiotic ways but when it comes to seeing the women have to take it for being ridiculous (and ridiculously in denial about it), I was practically just dying from sympathetic embarrassment.

Sure I'm not a stripper or formerly obese woman with self-esteem issues nor am I an age-inappropriate attention whore, but dang I feel awful for them anyway.

I still think its more entertaining than Heroes or Lost : P

tim & heidi

well, I finally watched the Project Runway Season 6 finale, and yes I think Irina should've won. And I was a little surprised when I saw all the collections because some critics had said that this was the most boring finale so far but I disagree.

I think with the three female designers in the finale, that the collections were more subtle, more wearable, definitely not as flashy as some in the past, but from a design perspective, they were still pretty cool. (Though Althea's collection was put together so badly, I forgive people for thinking it was boring). Anyway, good for Project Runway; I can't wait for next season to start up in January!

Which brings me to the real reason I'm posting. Victoria Secret put on some heavy advertising during the show, and for what? A bra that increases your bust by two cup sizes!!? WTF?! That was definitely outrage from me, the first time I saw the commercial.. I was thinking "This is a product that makes money by targeting women's insecurities!".

But by the third and fourth time I saw the commercial, I had a different set of thoughts going. First of all, there are going to be a set of people who aren't going to cash out $50 for a bra that ultimately, will wear them more than they wear it. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, go ahead and try out one of VS's padded numbers sometime. It is a lot of extra material for a 'support' garment.

And then let's think about who actually would pay $50 for one of these. Maybe you're an AA or A cup who's always wondered what your clothes would look like with breasts. That seems ok.

Honestly, I think the right way to go is to dress for what you've got. I mean, this morning, I didn't want to wash my face so I just went for the 'dirty french' look - you know? (its kind of grungy yet still euro-sophisticated... I'll explain this further in a future posting). but some people don't really get that option. Maybe you're just shaped funny (ok so huge generalization here about people and their upbringings and whether or not diets work for them or maybe you come from a line of Bosc pears - whatever), so maybe you're shaped funny and a 2-cup pushup helps you.

well good on you then.

heheheh. hehehehehehehe. bwa-hahahahahahahahaha.

oh man... hahahaha - ok - I don't really know when a 2-cup pushup is actually going to help anyone. Seriously? hahahahahahahaha. if you are this person, please please please write me a comment. I am begging you. or maybe I've just stayed up too late and I'm being insensitive.. I'm sorry.

November 21, 2009

tv sux

I am so glad that the loml is coming home today. I never realized how much of the cruel cruel world that was protecting me (delicate flower that I am) from.

For example, he has this almost-compulsion to only watch television that has been pre-recorded via DVR. The moment I try to watch anything live with him, he's out. And unfortunately, I can't be bothered to DVR too many things which basically means that my tv schedule consists of Jeopardy and whenever Top Chef and Project Runway actually run.

Well, since he was out this week, I finally had the opportunity to just screw around and surf the cable lineup AS MUCH AS I WANTED!

and oh god - it was terrible. I finally realized that cable these days, is a lot like XM-Sirius. There are too many channels and they are full of crap. Its hit a point where there is practically a devoted channel for any topic (unless you count sports which means there are at least 50 channels) and with the exception of 1 or 2 hours of the day, even that channel will be full of crap.

There is no more survival of the fittest on the boob tube. Its like you can make up any kind of weak, lame-ass show and just get in on the air. And if you don't believe me just take a look at Ghost Hunters (I thought I'd give Lost a break for once - after seeing the unbelievable badness on the other channels, they are now 'good' by comparison).

And I blame the cable company. I wouldn't have over 200 or is it 600? channels of worthless video if they didn't ruthlessly bundle all this junk together.

I know, I could just get rid of the television, but I think the loml would die or something.

November 26, 2009


happy thanksgiving everybody!

I had some vegetarian noodle soup in a very small family gathering. It was real good.

Hope yours is going well also!

(and please please please let the aggies win their game today even though they probably won't)

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