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CBS Strikeforce is the suck

ok - so the loml and i just watched the CBS MMA presentation, Strikeforce. and I have got to say, what is wrong with you numbnuts at CBS?

Are you completely incapable of finding competent commentators?! Heaven forbid you find people who are capable of intelligently identifying what is going on inside the octagon! Comments like "oooh! He's destroying his legs!" are the kind of indulgent pap that I would expect from a thirteen year old who'd never seen a fight in his life.

And that post fight interview with Fedor after he trashed Rogers? Was it necessary to spend the whole interview directing the discussion to be about the loser? "Let's thank Rogers. He was a good fighter. How did you feel after Rogers broke your nose? What did you see about Rogers that allowed you to beat him? If Rogers wanted to, would you fight him again?"

Here is a small tip CBS! Next time, don't hire the guy who's sucking Roger's cock to interview the winner. (And as the loml pointed out, when someone is using a translator its usually a mistake to repeatedly ask incredibly long run-on questions. I'm sure the audience really loved how it took 5 minutes to play the telephone game with all parties involved every time - bonus insult because the questions were so incredibly stupid.)

God! What are you gonna do next CBS? Send me money to watch MMA on Spike TV?


note* Don't think this is anything new either. I just checked my archive and I found a similar rant that I wrote in June 2008 about how CBS' Elite XC MMA production totally sucked!


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