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ladies, you are missing out

So I don't want you all to think that I spend my free time raging at the television after watching mixed martial arts. I have a soft side, much like the squishy center of a tastykake product. but anyways, today I realized that I was watching one of the most romantic chick-flick series ever, and its even one that your man might watch as well..

I just can't believe that america has not embraced this amazing piece of true life romance yet. And if you haven't watched it already, then you really missed out because the last episode of Tool Academy (season 2) just finished.

Now, like most rational people, I was happier when MTV and VH1 actually showed music videos. But this show is so awesome that I'm ready to forgive VH1 a tiny tiny bit (MTV - you are still in the shitter until you come up with another Liquid Television or Remote Control).

If you aren't familiar, Tool Academy is a reality television show where girlfriends trick their boyfriends into a 10-week relationship bootcamp. Every week, a couple gets eliminated and the winner gets $100,000. Its just like watching 'The Amazing Race' but instead of seeing people freak out while traveling to amazing new places around the world, you get to see people freak out while exploring their feelings in their relationships.

And since this show hasn't been ruined yet by 'experienced' contestants trying to game the system, its still amazingly powerful in its trashy yet universal truths. And its definitely in the trashy, because these guys are definitely tools. The average contestant in this show has cheated on his girlfriend at least three times with several women, disrespects his woman on a daily basis, doesn't have a steady job, hates the idea of commitment, won't listen, blah blah blah. If you've ever had a complaint about a man, its practically guaranteed that at least half the guys on this show will carry this issue out to the fullest.

And why do the women stay? Therein lies the sheer chick-flickness of this show. Because they are damned by hope. Most of them know they are making a mistake by staying, and the only thing more gut wrenching than seeing what they put up with, is seeing one of them dump her man when she finally realizes that its time to just give up. Its like watching a bad contestant on American Idol when the judges trash them, but even worse because you can empathize.

but before you accuse me of being the kind of person who enjoys pulling off butterfly wings, cause that's what this show is like a lot of the time, I have to say there are some really amazing parts too. Like seeing a man break down when he finally realizes that he's been taking his girlfriend for granted, and damn.. is he sorry now.

So seriously ladies, if you want to see drama, heartbreak, romance, and true love winning out (but are tired of watching Pride & Prejudice for the 800th time - which is technically impossible, I will love that story forever), watch Tool Academy - Season 2.

maybe we'll get lucky and it'll get on netflix someday.


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