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it is my personal preference to not pay too much attention to the "news". mainly because, by and large, headlines are either fear-inducing crap or just crap (ex. balloon boy).

but I do have to say something about the news today and also politics. Something else I try not to pay attention do. Evidently, the latest Newsweek put a picture of Sarah Palin on the cover which is attracting a lot of attention. She's wearing an athletic top and shorts. Because it was originally for a magazine called 'Runner's World', which makes sense right?

Now, I don't think Sarah Palin was a good VP candidate, and I don't think she's a good politician, but one thing is true. She is absolutely getting hazed by the media.

And just because its great to finally be out from the Shrub presidency doesn't mean that we also have to be asses about it.. or at the very least, we shouldn't be rewarding Newsweek for their attempt to sell copy with this shameless manipulation of those who don't respect Sarah Palin.

just sayin'


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