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tim & heidi

well, I finally watched the Project Runway Season 6 finale, and yes I think Irina should've won. And I was a little surprised when I saw all the collections because some critics had said that this was the most boring finale so far but I disagree.

I think with the three female designers in the finale, that the collections were more subtle, more wearable, definitely not as flashy as some in the past, but from a design perspective, they were still pretty cool. (Though Althea's collection was put together so badly, I forgive people for thinking it was boring). Anyway, good for Project Runway; I can't wait for next season to start up in January!

Which brings me to the real reason I'm posting. Victoria Secret put on some heavy advertising during the show, and for what? A bra that increases your bust by two cup sizes!!? WTF?! That was definitely outrage from me, the first time I saw the commercial.. I was thinking "This is a product that makes money by targeting women's insecurities!".

But by the third and fourth time I saw the commercial, I had a different set of thoughts going. First of all, there are going to be a set of people who aren't going to cash out $50 for a bra that ultimately, will wear them more than they wear it. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, go ahead and try out one of VS's padded numbers sometime. It is a lot of extra material for a 'support' garment.

And then let's think about who actually would pay $50 for one of these. Maybe you're an AA or A cup who's always wondered what your clothes would look like with breasts. That seems ok.

Honestly, I think the right way to go is to dress for what you've got. I mean, this morning, I didn't want to wash my face so I just went for the 'dirty french' look - you know? (its kind of grungy yet still euro-sophisticated... I'll explain this further in a future posting). but some people don't really get that option. Maybe you're just shaped funny (ok so huge generalization here about people and their upbringings and whether or not diets work for them or maybe you come from a line of Bosc pears - whatever), so maybe you're shaped funny and a 2-cup pushup helps you.

well good on you then.

heheheh. hehehehehehehe. bwa-hahahahahahahahaha.

oh man... hahahaha - ok - I don't really know when a 2-cup pushup is actually going to help anyone. Seriously? hahahahahahahaha. if you are this person, please please please write me a comment. I am begging you. or maybe I've just stayed up too late and I'm being insensitive.. I'm sorry.


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