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tv sux

I am so glad that the loml is coming home today. I never realized how much of the cruel cruel world that was protecting me (delicate flower that I am) from.

For example, he has this almost-compulsion to only watch television that has been pre-recorded via DVR. The moment I try to watch anything live with him, he's out. And unfortunately, I can't be bothered to DVR too many things which basically means that my tv schedule consists of Jeopardy and whenever Top Chef and Project Runway actually run.

Well, since he was out this week, I finally had the opportunity to just screw around and surf the cable lineup AS MUCH AS I WANTED!

and oh god - it was terrible. I finally realized that cable these days, is a lot like XM-Sirius. There are too many channels and they are full of crap. Its hit a point where there is practically a devoted channel for any topic (unless you count sports which means there are at least 50 channels) and with the exception of 1 or 2 hours of the day, even that channel will be full of crap.

There is no more survival of the fittest on the boob tube. Its like you can make up any kind of weak, lame-ass show and just get in on the air. And if you don't believe me just take a look at Ghost Hunters (I thought I'd give Lost a break for once - after seeing the unbelievable badness on the other channels, they are now 'good' by comparison).

And I blame the cable company. I wouldn't have over 200 or is it 600? channels of worthless video if they didn't ruthlessly bundle all this junk together.

I know, I could just get rid of the television, but I think the loml would die or something.


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