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VH1 - tough love

So just last week I wrote this fannish-entry about how much I had enjoyed a VH1 show called 'Tool Academy'. I said that it was something that couples could actually watch together since the guys would laugh at the idiot men and women would enjoy finally seeing these outliers of jerkdom get their come-uppance.

Well, while I was waiting for the final episode of this season's Project Runway to air (only 2 hours to go), I thought I would watch some tv. And wound up watching another VH1 presentation called 'Tough Love'. The premise of this show is to take 8 clueless single women on a 10-week bootcamp to shape them up for finding romance. And yes, you've guessed it. Its really just 'Tool Academy' but with single women instead. And boy, do these women have all the issues that you know about but just MORE. From emotional detachment to scarily attention-seeking to gold-digging, its really awful.

And that is what amazed me. I loved seeing the men just eat it for their idiotic ways but when it comes to seeing the women have to take it for being ridiculous (and ridiculously in denial about it), I was practically just dying from sympathetic embarrassment.

Sure I'm not a stripper or formerly obese woman with self-esteem issues nor am I an age-inappropriate attention whore, but dang I feel awful for them anyway.

I still think its more entertaining than Heroes or Lost : P


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