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and a neti pot in a pear treeeee!

So every year i get older, the more I have to look around for things to ask for at christmas. While a sweater may be a reliable standby, I thought this year I'd expand my horizons and ask for a neti pot. For those of you who are not in the know, don't worry. I'll get to that soon.

So neti pots are getting pretty popular and since I'd actually been to Vrindavan, India (allegedly the place where the neti pot was invented) I thought I'd try it. So the point of a neti pot is to flush your nasal passages. You fill the pot with 8 oz of warm salty water, lean your head down and to the side, and fit the pot to the higher nostril and pour water in.. into your nose. (do I need to mention that you have to do this over a sink?) If you don't tip your forehead lower than your mouth, then water comes out your mouth.. so make sure to get that right.

note* this topic was deemed not suitable for holiday conversation by family *

So I do this. I heat up some water, mix some kosher salt in and get over a sink. The loml is watching, so I go ahead and pick up the pot...and.. put the spout to my nose. and I can feel the water in my nose .. yargh.. am I drowning!? I quit for a second and then try again. more water in my left nostril.. and I'm waiting, waiting.. there's no water coming out. What the hell? I'm pouring water in my nose, where's it going?

but then I can feel the water making inroads, somewhere.. and real quick I try to think about what the nasal passages in my head look like, but i can't. which is too bad cause that water is doing something. and eventually, after a whole minute, water comes out my other nostril! Hah! Success!

So I manage to get about 4 oz of salt water into the left nostril and then I do it again on the right. And this one goes easier, I figure cause the I managed to flush it out once already. and that was it. and I must say, I do feel less congested.


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