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Hello All!

only small updates:

1 - Syfy's Alice (in wonderland) remake was pretty good, definitely better than their 'TinMan' (Wizard of Oz) remake. I've noticed several postings on the internet where people are complaining that Alice in Wonderland isn't really science fiction. All I can say is "People, grow up!". If the difference between sci-fi and fantasy was really that important, people wouldn't love Star Wars. (and if that actually made sense to you, then I'd be worried).

2 - I've noticed a lot of hype about James Cameron's new movie 'Avatar' going around. I'm not actually going to see it myself. Mainly because it looks a bajillion dollar version of 'FernGully: The Last Rainforest', which you may recall as an animated pro-environmentalist movie featuring a construction worker who get miniaturized and learns about the fairies of the forest. yeah - really.. just like Avatar eh?

3 - Thanks to MTV's latest reality show 'Jersey Shore' I've finally learned what a 'guido' is. I never knew that this was something that I didn't know until I watched this train wreck of a reality show.

happy holidays all!


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