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I read a book this weekend. I had been flailing around at the "end of the internet" (you know this place right?) when the loml suggested that I read a book. So I looked at his collection of "books to read" and picked out "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell. I'd heard about this book when it hit the best seller list and it sounded interesting. And be damned if it wasn't!

The book is basically about how little things can really make the big difference. In this book, the author specifically focuses on the three factors necessary for an idea to become popular (some of the things he examines are: sesame street, the crime rate in new york, and underage smoking). I thought it was a great read and reinforces another idea I've been reading up on which says, nature vs nurture isn't as important as who you are hanging out with. As in, in doesn't matter how good or bad your parents are or how they raised you, your behavior depends more on who you're with and where you are.

But I'll leave the book up to you to read about should you get bored. but the one thing that I really liked about it was that it was interesting to me. Which leads me to the next book, which I am currently not reading "The PayPal Wars" by Eric Jackson. Eric Jackson, a PayPal insider, writes about the beginnings of PayPal and their efforts to be successful. Now this book won some acclaim for its writing style and what-not but I'm having a hard time reading it. Because I'm having a hard time caring about the fate of a large corporation fighting off another corporation, cutting costs by increasing charges to the user, etc.. etc..

I'm not saying its not interesting and valuable insight into corporate america, its just that the narrative as told from the point of the insider sticks in my craw. Eric Jackson probably cared a whole lot when they made business decisions, but his caring about his career and livelihood is not what will make me care. So I'm going to try again to read this book and I just hope that the author is capable of spinning it in a way that makes me actually want to know what happened.


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