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So I'm on break (from work) this week. And i'm sitting on top of the bed, because the sheets need to be changed and all I smell is salt. This is a weird combination of the neti pot (which uses salt water) and the fact that I've been getting nose bleeds due to the dryness of the winter air. (but do not worry. I'm setting up a humidifier today).

anyways, I'm sitting on top of the bed and I see this ridiculously ugly pair of pajama pants that my sister gave me for christmas. They are plaid. yellow-orangey with red-ish? striped/plaid and a red drawstring ribbon waist. and I think, "yeah. I can do this. I don't have to leave the house today."

up with plaid!

----- note ------

someone left a comment that I was perhaps giving a mean hint to my sister about the gift she gave me. I'd like to correct any notions in that area and say the following:
1. no, my sister doesn't read my blog so its not a hint.
2. the pants are hideous and I love them. wearing them today was like the cherry on my "i'm not working so haha" sundae.
3. however, they are quite clearly house pants which is too bad cause I actually had to answer the door today and the guy on the other side was pretty amused by them.


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