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sir, I am an ass

James Cameron, I must apologise. When I saw the promos for Avatar and immediately recognized the plot line from 'Ferngully: the last rainforest', I assumed your movie sucked. When I saw news about the amount of CGI, it reinforced my opinion with what I knew would be an added layer of over-indulgent special effects. And finally, finally, when the loml asked me to go see it with him last night (i said yes), and I saw the movie was 2 hours and 40 minutes long, I KNEW I would soon be wishing that I had passed out in the theatre instead of staying awake.

well sir, I was wrong. The only movie I could recall that you had done previously was 'Titanic' which I actually enjoyed, once I realized that I needed to ignore the ridiculous love story which I now realize was really a mcguffin in disguise.

but to go into detail. Yes, the plot line of Avatar is not original by any stretch. However, I was able to ignore it for the first 2 hours of the movie due to the amazingly well done CGI and acting which really enhanced the movie. Its only until you get to the last 40 minutes where the cheese starts showing up. but the rest of the movie was so good that I didn't mind. In fact, the only part of the movie that bothered me was the ridiculous ground tactics used during the final battle.

What kind of idiot tells his cavalry to charge, in a single line no less, a group of militia possessing far superior firepower? They're supposed to be natives in a jungle, hello?! The friggin ewoks did a better job at the battle on Endor, and they still got their asses kicked which was the point of the scene... SO come on.. death with dignity, not stupidity! I could see maybe there was supposed to be some kind of comparison with how the U.S. army used to massacre native americans out on the plains, but that's pretty weak imho. Especially cause this guy leading this is supposed to be a marine with tons of combat experience.

So other than that (minor point but still annoying) and the mild cheese factor of the last 40 minutes, the movie was pretty good. I do recommend.

after reading this entry, the loml protested my characterization of the main character as an idiot for his ground strategy. He believes that the guy was too busy doing a bunch of other stuff to dictate ground maneuvers. I still maintain that even if it wasn't his idea, its still his fault as he was the only one who knew the enemy forces and somehow didn't manage to let everyone know that its suicide to run straight at a bunch of people with high-powered automatic weaponry when your main weapon is a bow and arrow. Again, even the ewoks knew to use guerrilla tactics when fighting against the Empire in a forest.


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