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sunday is a day

well, the loml and I didn't do much today. We made it out for breakfast, did a little shopping and then settled in for some television.

One interesting thing did happen though. While we were out, we stopped at the local dollar store to purchase some medical tape. The dollar store is run and owned by an Indian gentleman, and he was selling an international calling card to an African man (Kenya, if I had to guess). Anywho, they were having a small conversation and I overhear the store owner say, "... yes, we used to do that. but people here lie so much! they just keep lying! they are not as honest as they are back home."

and I realize that I'm taking this conversation out of context but I could only think two things.

1 - if either of you were back home, there is a fairly good chance one of you'd be discriminating like all hell against the other right now. Being that you are both from different countries and everyone loves being in the majority.

2 - yes. americans do lie an awful lot, don't we? when it comes to casual lies, I can think of no other group of people so prone to and accepting of the white lie. (hah!) Frankly, I'm a little tired of hearing other people's crap. So please, go under-promise and over deliver else where, ok.


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