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January 15, 2010

the corpse

If there is one statement that I can't stand to hear it is this one, "It's all relative". Not because it isn't true, but more because it is incredibly so. So much is it true that I can't be bothered to listen to anyone say this during the course of an argument or explanation, because you're now wasting my time. It is ALL relative, so now what? its not like that makes much of a difference in what you're saying does it? Is someone upset because they have cancer? hey, its all relative. Wow, that's helpful. Are we unhappy with the government? well now, its all relative. oh, now you are really saying something.

If you're going to waste time spouting crap that doesn't make a difference, at least say something remotely insightful. Like, the fact that the french revolution occurred when french peasantry had a better standard of living than the rest of the european peasantry, but they were still damn upset for other reasons. you know, something helpful...

anyway, this is alot of ranting to lead into the real latest news. And that would be the fact that last night, I broke the furnace in our house (I'm not telling how). Since we couldn't get a repairman out until today, we spent the coldest night ever in Meowderly. When I managed to trick myself into getting out of bed, the thermostat read at 52 degrees. YArghh..

The funny part was the shower negotiation, or lack of, that occurred this morning. The loml and I had to leave at the same time. So I got out of bed first, cause I need more spin-up time, and immediately hopped into the shower because the whole place was damn damn cold. Not 5 minutes into the shower, the loml appeared in the bathroom. And I started hoping that he had considered his actions in leaving the bed so prematurely. but sadly, for me, he proceeded to get into the shower with me and demand some resources, namely the hot water.

it was not my best moment. I was hunched under as much of the spray as possible, thinking that there was no way the loml would actually ask me to stand in cold air, while WET, so that we could take turns soaping up and rinsing off. but oh yes, that did occur. and it led to some of the fastest scrubbing and rinsing I've ever participated in (including the five minute timed showers at Shenandoah National Park).

I really tried to be big about it, but in the end it dawned on me, that it doesn't take much to push me to the edge of civility. I was about two inches away from attempting to defend that hot water like some kind of feral animal. which is also when I realized that if I'd been part of that Uruguayan rugby team that crashed in the Andes (as seen in the movie 'Alive'), I'd have been eating people in the first two days. cause man, I sure get hungry.

January 22, 2010

i heart u2

well, i finally got a chance to pick up my uke today and I spent a few minutes working on "ring of fire" again. but I have to admit, I got pretty bored pretty fast with mr cash. So I went and looked for something else to test my strings (and fingers) on.

After a bit of poking around (I was unable to locate a uke version of "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks, which I think would be great on a ukulele) I found "One" by U2 which only takes 4 chords. This is a bit of a stretch up for me, since "Ring of Fire" only takes 3 (at least my version does) but I love U2 so I tried it.

And wow, I think I sound great! Awesome even! and then I thought, "what would this sound like to the loml?" So I played it again, listening with a more critical ear, at which point i realized that I have a lot in common with the American Idol rejects that are playing on television right now.

So I practiced some more, and more, until my fingers started to cramp. Which I find hilarious because its not like a ukulele takes brute strength to play or anything, but whatever.. I'm still learning.

The loml thinks I should get a "Ukulele for Beginners" book or something but I really don't want to get stuck playing "Row row row your boat" or "Here come the saints" or something like that. Not that I have anything against the Saints.

For them, this season, I also have nothing but love. Who DAT! Let's go superbowl!

January 24, 2010

my cats have (cavi)ties!

So as you may or may not be aware, the loml and I have four cats whom we have any number of names for. Since the fuzzy spawns of evil have become "ours", I consolidated their vet care to one provider. This means that once a year, we take a musical (yowling, mewling) field trip, all together. Everyone at the vet's office keeps saying "Oh, you brought the whole gang, eh?" This always makes me wonder if they think I should split the trip into two separate visits with half the cats, but since no one every talks about it, I just don't know.

Anywho, our vet is awesome. This is the same vet who noticed that one of our cat's odd behavioral grooming issue was actually fleas (just one cat out of four! these were the sneakiest fleas ever!), who confirmed that 'little girl' had consumed half a pound of christmas ribbon which subsequently had to be surgically removed, and consistently does not recommend extra medical procedures for the sake of money.

sigh. which is why when she noticed that two of our cats (siblings) had identically rotten teeth (2 each), I knew it was for real and now we have to go back to the vet for surgery. wahh.. Is this what happens when your cats get old? How do cats deal with this in the wild? or do they just die?

oh well. Anyone who lives near us or northerly, who wants a vet recommendation? Ours is great. Technically, its an office of several (three I think) vets, but they're very good.

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