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February 4, 2010


It occurred to me this morning that I had been meaning to write this particular blog entry for a while. Since the holidays, there has been an amazing new presence in my life that deserves to be acknowledged. Especially since, as I write this, this wondrous new thing is cleaning my kitchen floor.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to speak to you today, about my Scooba. Personally, I don't have that much brand name awareness of it (the loml still calls it the scooby) so I've added a picture of it molesting my refrigerator below.

I bought this thing as a splurgy type gift to myself for Christmas. 50% of my house flooring is hardwood or tile, so I figured I'd have some opportunity to use this sucker, and boy have I.

Now, I'm not particularly a fan of its brother, the Roomba, because I have four cats and I fail to see how anything could do a better job than my Dyson. But, when it comes to my floors, I'm a whole 'nother animal.

Neither the loml nor myself 'do' floors. The only time we clean those suckers is when something bad (the cats, miscellaneous flying objects) happens. So I read an excellent review for this product that summed it up quite well: The scooba fits the 80/20 rule. It will clean up 80% of the junk on your floor (the easy stuff). If you want the rest of it (the not-so-easy), you'll have to do it yourself.

"Well," thinks I, "right now, we are doing 0% so 80% sounds great" and I bought it! And you know what, that little thing works great! But, I still read a lot of negative reviews for this little machine, and since I have foolishly grown emotionally attached to it (It cleans my floors!), I can tell what it won't do:

  • It won't clean your floor well if you leave all your crap all over it. Even a paid maid won't do a good job there.
  • It won't get that cruddy multi-week old stain of your floor either! its just a little machine, not a refugee from the DR!
  • It won't pre-sweep anything larger than a piece of small animal kibble. So again, don't leave your crap on the floor.
  • And I haven't tested this, but I'm not sure it works that well as a pet transport though I have seen the Roomba used for this purpose on the youtubes.

So really, if you have a moderately tidy home (aka a million light years away from anything you see on Clean Sweep) and you have floors, I recommend the scooba. Cause that little sucker will just clean while you do more important things.. like blog.. or practice your ukulele playing.. or something.

warning* when I first bought this thing, we spent at least the first twenty minutes of each cleaning session just watching it move. And by 'we', I mean me and the cats. The loml just thought we were nuts.

February 6, 2010

tis the season

So today, the loml and I are stuck in the house due to the snowpocalypse that's moving across the country. But fear not! I am prepared. On Thursday I went to the grocery store and bought two bags of Cheetos, two boxes of Triscuts, and some fancy cheese to go with. Oh, and the ingredients to make King Cake. Can't forget about dem Saints! We're going to need something to eat during the SuperBowl!

So the King Cake. For those of you who are unfamiliar, here is a two sentence summary:
King Cake is a ring-shaped sweet bread, usually with tasty (cream-cheese or fruit) filling and covered with colored sugar and icing, that is served during the Mardi Gras Season (12th night to Ash Wednesday)! Its traditional to hide a small plastic baby jesus in the cake (for someone to find while eating - not choking is part of the fun!), symbolizing the three wise men's search for the baby jesus and now used to determine who brings the King Cake next week!

ok - so 'nuff of that. Turns out that I am out one baby jesus. For some reason, I don't have one of those suckers around and the local grocery store didn't stock them in the baking section. Unbelieveable! Savages! Anyway, if it all turns out, the internet says I can use a dried bean or pecan or something instead.

So I found an internet recipe off the food network by Emeril Lagassi. But then I was thinking, "this guy's from new york or something... and some of the reviews on the website aren't so great. I don't want to use a recipe that people only like cause they've never had a REAL king cake". So I googled around some more until I found another recipe off nola.com. It had all the earmarks of a good authentic recipe: contributed by someone with a cajun last name who was the food columnist for the the Times-Picayune, and it also used twice as much butter as Emeril's recipe.

That butter part pretty much convinced me, so I went ahead and made the dough this morning. But the thing is, a butter rich dough is a little different from a "normal" one, like pizza dough which is what I've done before. Usually you add flour until the dough stops being too sticky and you can make a happy ball with it. And you knead (not too much) til smooth. but the stuff I made this morning... the dough looks so soft that I want to add more flour! Its not sticky because its coated in butter. so I dunno.. I added flour, I made a ball, I kneaded til smooth.

And now, I'm hoping to god it rises. Being snowed in and all, it might be too cold. I dunno. But we'll see how it goes. If all goes well, I have a chocolate/cream-cheese filling planned and I'll post the recipe.

And - Go Saints!

February 9, 2010


Today I am working on breathing, because if I don't, I may harm something...

Its day "Ican'tscountanymorecauseI'vebeenstuckinthehousesodamnlong" of the snowpocalypse and the god-forsaken snowplow has not shown up yet. I got tired of eating my own cooking a day ago, we're just about out of fresh fruit and vegetables (unless you count the three onions on the counter), and the cats and I have started competing for resources (do not ask, I'm still kinda pissed at the cats about this).

This morning I made soysage and berry pancakes for breakfast. Last night, sweet-n-sour chick'n with vegetables. Night before that was tomato soup and baked potatoes. I made king cake and we've been eating it for 3 days now. The loml joked this morning that I was trying to fatten him up. I just looked at him and thought about that Uruguayan soccer team that crashed in the Andes.

I've cleaned up my serenity room. If we had the right paint, I'd be painting. If I had enough wood, I would have built some pet stairs for the cats.

I have to go do some yoga nidra now... but before I do, I'd like to rant about one thing.

Its not that I hate snow. Its all about the context. Snow on mountain top = pretty. Snow in a cone, drenched with syrup = yummy. Snow covering over 2 feet of the street that leads to the outside world = STUPID! WHAT AM I DOING HERE???

I'm from the SOUTH. I HAVE A PERMANENT TAN! ARRRRRrrrghhh... Do you know that in some places, they actually clear snow off the roof when it gets like this? We don't have a ladder that reaches the roof, it turns out.

ok - I have to go now. lots of breathing to do.

February 17, 2010

black gold

A few months ago, I was pretty bored and applied for a position as a volunteer blogger for a small company. (you may or may not have noticed it listed on the menu bar on the right. hint: its not the one about poo). Its not quite as exciting as some of the other things I write about but I enjoy doing it because it gives me a chance to practice some writing and forces me to read about current events in an area that interests me.

So in some freak act of fate, the owner of the company recently offered to pay me for my posts. Now before anyone gets very excited, its only $5 per entry with a limit of $10 per week (if I read the offer correctly). So this is kind of neat, and if past performance is any indicator, I'll probably be able to bring in $20 extra a month.

oh ho hoooo! Well, then I'll really be rolling in it, eh? So just today, I started thinking about what I would spend my ducats on. And I have to admit, this surprised me.. (though probably not anyone else who knows me and definitely not the loml) but the first thing I could really visualize was some dinner. Like $20 of sushi, or I could save my money up and maybe get a fancy $40 thali at the local indian restaurant and a drink, and maybe an appetizer for the loml or something... I know, its not thinking huge or anything.. I mean I did consider, just for a second, saving up to $120 for a really fancy tasting menu at a fine dining establishment run by one of the winners of Top Chef, but that would take too long. and I like to eat. now.

but then, I got a 15 minute chair massage from one of the on-site masseuses at work. It was $18 and, boy did I feel better afterwards. Though really, I think I could stand to move on up to a 30 minute session for some real health benefits.

So there you have it folks. I've just discovered a funding source for my new habit: chair massage at work!

February 24, 2010

with two snaps, on the side

There is a small cafeteria in my office building. The food is ok, and i mean that in the sense that most people go for the salad bar cause its what is "ok". and though I am one of those people, I always take a look at the meals they're serving at the food stations, just in case something amazing happens.

One day, I'm taking a look at "hot/grill" serving station, (and I made that name up. the other stations, I've dubbed "skillet meals", "sandwiches", and "scary cold salads"). Anyways, the hot/grill area is serving a slab of roast beast with sides. I don't do beast, but I like sides and I'm wondering if I can just get a plate of those and what it might cost.

Also wondering the same is this girl who comes up next me, as I'm trying to decide if the vegetables look over done, but she's more direct than me and she doesn't mind going for the goal. So when the "corporate chef" (note: this is the actual title of the food services workers, I did not make this one up) asks her if she can take her order, the girls says, "yes. Can I just get a plate of the vegetable sides?"

and the chef says sure, which ones do you want. And the girl starts off "Macaroni and Cheese,.." and WHAM, the chef totally cuts her off!

"Macaroni and Cheese is NOT a vegetable!"

and I'm like wow! harsh! but then, the chef is correct. That mac-n-cheese is not a vegetable, but it was the one thing that was making me consider getting a plate of sides, which I was then going to justify by also getting a couple of pieces of broccoli or something.. but back to the action.

then, the chef continues. "Macaroni and Cheese is a STARCH", but she's still scooping some mac-n-cheese and then informs the customer that she just wants to make sure she's got her nutrition facts clear before taking the rest of the order.

I thought it was pretty funny but decided to go for the salad bar afterwards. You know, where the real vegetables are.

February 27, 2010

I heart you, bradley cooper

last night, the loml and I watched 'The Hangover'. This is the movie that seems to have brought Zach Galifianakis into the bounds of social conversation, and for me, its the probably the movie of the year (one of these years at least...).

If you understand (and love) the amazingness that was "Dude, Where's my Car" then this movie will become an instant classic (if I may borrow the term from Disney). Its just like "Dude.." but in Vegas. Its what "Very Bad Things" should have been (and if you care, I thought very bad things was a sloppy and failed exercise in dark comedy). And like the delicate cherry on a pristine white cake of delicacy and grace, the movie showcases the amazing talents of Ken Jeong, who you better recognize as Senor Chang in 'Community'.

So in short, if you haven't seen this movie, go see it. or just buy it. I promise, if you don't love it it will make an excellent gift for someone else.

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