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black gold

A few months ago, I was pretty bored and applied for a position as a volunteer blogger for a small company. (you may or may not have noticed it listed on the menu bar on the right. hint: its not the one about poo). Its not quite as exciting as some of the other things I write about but I enjoy doing it because it gives me a chance to practice some writing and forces me to read about current events in an area that interests me.

So in some freak act of fate, the owner of the company recently offered to pay me for my posts. Now before anyone gets very excited, its only $5 per entry with a limit of $10 per week (if I read the offer correctly). So this is kind of neat, and if past performance is any indicator, I'll probably be able to bring in $20 extra a month.

oh ho hoooo! Well, then I'll really be rolling in it, eh? So just today, I started thinking about what I would spend my ducats on. And I have to admit, this surprised me.. (though probably not anyone else who knows me and definitely not the loml) but the first thing I could really visualize was some dinner. Like $20 of sushi, or I could save my money up and maybe get a fancy $40 thali at the local indian restaurant and a drink, and maybe an appetizer for the loml or something... I know, its not thinking huge or anything.. I mean I did consider, just for a second, saving up to $120 for a really fancy tasting menu at a fine dining establishment run by one of the winners of Top Chef, but that would take too long. and I like to eat. now.

but then, I got a 15 minute chair massage from one of the on-site masseuses at work. It was $18 and, boy did I feel better afterwards. Though really, I think I could stand to move on up to a 30 minute session for some real health benefits.

So there you have it folks. I've just discovered a funding source for my new habit: chair massage at work!


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