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Today I am working on breathing, because if I don't, I may harm something...

Its day "Ican'tscountanymorecauseI'vebeenstuckinthehousesodamnlong" of the snowpocalypse and the god-forsaken snowplow has not shown up yet. I got tired of eating my own cooking a day ago, we're just about out of fresh fruit and vegetables (unless you count the three onions on the counter), and the cats and I have started competing for resources (do not ask, I'm still kinda pissed at the cats about this).

This morning I made soysage and berry pancakes for breakfast. Last night, sweet-n-sour chick'n with vegetables. Night before that was tomato soup and baked potatoes. I made king cake and we've been eating it for 3 days now. The loml joked this morning that I was trying to fatten him up. I just looked at him and thought about that Uruguayan soccer team that crashed in the Andes.

I've cleaned up my serenity room. If we had the right paint, I'd be painting. If I had enough wood, I would have built some pet stairs for the cats.

I have to go do some yoga nidra now... but before I do, I'd like to rant about one thing.

Its not that I hate snow. Its all about the context. Snow on mountain top = pretty. Snow in a cone, drenched with syrup = yummy. Snow covering over 2 feet of the street that leads to the outside world = STUPID! WHAT AM I DOING HERE???

I'm from the SOUTH. I HAVE A PERMANENT TAN! ARRRRRrrrghhh... Do you know that in some places, they actually clear snow off the roof when it gets like this? We don't have a ladder that reaches the roof, it turns out.

ok - I have to go now. lots of breathing to do.


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