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tis the season

So today, the loml and I are stuck in the house due to the snowpocalypse that's moving across the country. But fear not! I am prepared. On Thursday I went to the grocery store and bought two bags of Cheetos, two boxes of Triscuts, and some fancy cheese to go with. Oh, and the ingredients to make King Cake. Can't forget about dem Saints! We're going to need something to eat during the SuperBowl!

So the King Cake. For those of you who are unfamiliar, here is a two sentence summary:
King Cake is a ring-shaped sweet bread, usually with tasty (cream-cheese or fruit) filling and covered with colored sugar and icing, that is served during the Mardi Gras Season (12th night to Ash Wednesday)! Its traditional to hide a small plastic baby jesus in the cake (for someone to find while eating - not choking is part of the fun!), symbolizing the three wise men's search for the baby jesus and now used to determine who brings the King Cake next week!

ok - so 'nuff of that. Turns out that I am out one baby jesus. For some reason, I don't have one of those suckers around and the local grocery store didn't stock them in the baking section. Unbelieveable! Savages! Anyway, if it all turns out, the internet says I can use a dried bean or pecan or something instead.

So I found an internet recipe off the food network by Emeril Lagassi. But then I was thinking, "this guy's from new york or something... and some of the reviews on the website aren't so great. I don't want to use a recipe that people only like cause they've never had a REAL king cake". So I googled around some more until I found another recipe off nola.com. It had all the earmarks of a good authentic recipe: contributed by someone with a cajun last name who was the food columnist for the the Times-Picayune, and it also used twice as much butter as Emeril's recipe.

That butter part pretty much convinced me, so I went ahead and made the dough this morning. But the thing is, a butter rich dough is a little different from a "normal" one, like pizza dough which is what I've done before. Usually you add flour until the dough stops being too sticky and you can make a happy ball with it. And you knead (not too much) til smooth. but the stuff I made this morning... the dough looks so soft that I want to add more flour! Its not sticky because its coated in butter. so I dunno.. I added flour, I made a ball, I kneaded til smooth.

And now, I'm hoping to god it rises. Being snowed in and all, it might be too cold. I dunno. But we'll see how it goes. If all goes well, I have a chocolate/cream-cheese filling planned and I'll post the recipe.

And - Go Saints!


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