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with two snaps, on the side

There is a small cafeteria in my office building. The food is ok, and i mean that in the sense that most people go for the salad bar cause its what is "ok". and though I am one of those people, I always take a look at the meals they're serving at the food stations, just in case something amazing happens.

One day, I'm taking a look at "hot/grill" serving station, (and I made that name up. the other stations, I've dubbed "skillet meals", "sandwiches", and "scary cold salads"). Anyways, the hot/grill area is serving a slab of roast beast with sides. I don't do beast, but I like sides and I'm wondering if I can just get a plate of those and what it might cost.

Also wondering the same is this girl who comes up next me, as I'm trying to decide if the vegetables look over done, but she's more direct than me and she doesn't mind going for the goal. So when the "corporate chef" (note: this is the actual title of the food services workers, I did not make this one up) asks her if she can take her order, the girls says, "yes. Can I just get a plate of the vegetable sides?"

and the chef says sure, which ones do you want. And the girl starts off "Macaroni and Cheese,.." and WHAM, the chef totally cuts her off!

"Macaroni and Cheese is NOT a vegetable!"

and I'm like wow! harsh! but then, the chef is correct. That mac-n-cheese is not a vegetable, but it was the one thing that was making me consider getting a plate of sides, which I was then going to justify by also getting a couple of pieces of broccoli or something.. but back to the action.

then, the chef continues. "Macaroni and Cheese is a STARCH", but she's still scooping some mac-n-cheese and then informs the customer that she just wants to make sure she's got her nutrition facts clear before taking the rest of the order.

I thought it was pretty funny but decided to go for the salad bar afterwards. You know, where the real vegetables are.


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