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and today, I learned something...

ok - so I went a little crazy yesterday. well, not more so than normal. So here is what went down. A couple of nights ago, I saw a commercial for a baskin robbins ice cream cake, but not just with ice cream but cake in the bottom as well!

ooooooooh! rapture!

So, like everything else, I googled it. and it turns out that you can do this at home! and it seems pretty simple. You bake a cake, and then just mush some softened ice cream in the same pan (cleaned, chilled, and lined in plastic wrap). After letting it chill in the freezer, you layer the ice cream onto the cake, chill some more... and voila! Ice cream cake - cover with frosting and eat!

But, I decided to go a little further. Instead of cake, I used Ghiradelli Triple Chocolate Brownie mix in little mini-loaf pans. And I bought some fudge magic shell for the topping! and mint-chocolate chip ice cream, cause that's the best flavour ever.

and how was it? INSANE!!! that's what. I can't even taste the minty because the brownies are just sooo insanely chocolately and good (and that magic shell didn't hurt either!) So if I did this again, I'd probably use chocolate or vanilla ice cream with the brownie mix, or use regular cake mix with some funky ice cream. but the magic shell is still kind of fun, cause I get the neatest little minty-green brownie bars with chocolate drizzle.

I'd take a photo but I keep eating the stuff before I remember to take a picture.

--- reality check update ---

The loml just pointed out that what I made is basically brownies a la mode. oh.. shit... he's right. I could've just baked brownies and served them with ice cream, and I wouldn't have to mess around with the ice cream so much. "but", I asked all-confused-like "why is ice cream cake so awesome then?" (a.k.a. Why did I get so excited? Why do people like ice cream cake?)

the loml doesn't know. maybe its just me who gets riled up over the thought of individual serving size ice-cream brownie cake topped with magic shell? (I even put a half strawberry garnish on the damn thing last night - stuck on with magic shell no less!!)


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