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Its always awesome when you can combine a bunch of your hobbies in some kind of activity, and I was lucky enough to do that today.

The loml is so awesome that he built me a raised garden bed and installed it in our front yard. So this morning, being the nicest day we've had all year, I hauled out of bed to go play with it.

The first thing I did was grab my worm box. I know I haven't written much about it lately, but just as a reminder: vermicomposting is not a very exciting hobby. But today, I got to reap the rewards. I had all this worm tea (the moisture drippings from the worm bin) which I dumped into the garden bed. Then I harvested the bottom layer of compost from my box (I have a 4 tier Gusanito worm composter) and dumped that out into the garden bed. To my interest, there were still a fair amount of worms hanging out in the bottom layer of compost. The whole point of a multi-tier bin is that you movie the food into higher levels of the bin as the lower levels get more fully composted. The worms eventually migrate up, leaving you with pure fertilizer gold.

In my case, I still had some die-hard worms hanging out in the bottom level but no bigee. I just set them free in my garden bed. I like to think of it as the first Great Emancipation of the year Ten. so after dumping all this fertilizer in the garden bed, I tilled the hell out of it to make sure everything got mixed up (but not so much tilling that I killed the worms.

and then, after leveling the whole mess and giving it a bit of water, I finally got to plant stuff. I had all these seedlings that I had started indoors weeks ago so I put those out. I have two varieties of tomatoes (at least four each in case some don't survive), several little lettuces and salad blend things, and a decorative black pepper plant that I dropped and I'm hoping will still make it. Also, I had a bunch of herbs that my mother gifted to me and I planted as well: three types of basil, cilantro, green onion, and sage.

and then, because its still kind of early to be sticking plants out, I converted the whole thing into a pvc-hoop greenhouse. oh yeah! I had two lengths of the skinniest PVC I could buy, which I stuck into each side of the garden bed, forming the frame of my greenhouse. I tied on a couple of dowels to give the frame a little more structure, and then covered the whole mess with 2mm thick plastic painters drop cloth. Then I secured the plastic to the frame with large binder clips and weighted the ends of the plastic down with 2x4's.

HAH! and if I'm lucky, I may get some food out of this! So here is what it looks like, if you are curious. Note that the view is obscured by the plastic slightly, and more so by the condensation that gathered on the inside. But it is warmer in there. So good.


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