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them ides (a.k.a Taxes in march)

I discovered something amazing today. The power of the IRS. and thankfully, I didn't learn this in the god-awful "I'm getting audit - WHAT??" kind of way, but in a slightly more mundane homely fashion. Every year, the loml and I set a date to do our taxes. We aren't motivated or organized enough to do them in January (like some people I know) , but we try to get them done a few weeks before the deadline just in case we hit a snag and wind up needing time to get more documents.

So this is it! Today is the day for us! I cleared off the table, set out the documentation, made a pot of tea... and yet, we haven't done our taxes yet. instead, we cleaned the bedroom, organized our spare knick-knacks, and performed a few other sundry tasks that we've been meaning to get done. Amazing isn't it? The power of procrastination!

Next time, I'll make sure to ready up some amazing tasks for when we aren't ready to face the man!


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