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those little furry ***

Sometime this morning, I was woken up by one of my little cats meowing. She had come up on the bed and was making this pathetic little noise like she was upset about something. Normally, I don't believe in rewarding behavior that I don't like, but there is also a rational time to examine what's really going on.

Is the cat upset for a good reason?

So I got up to check the auto-feeder. A couple of weeks ago, I checked the settings only to realize that we'd been under-feeding the cats a little which is why they were going ape-shit at 5am. So better to check than ignore another problem, I figured.

So its 6am, and I stagger around looking for a bathrobe before heading out to the kitchen. My cat is talking to me the whole way and making sure I follow her out. And when I get there, I discover...

One of the other cats eating at the feeder. We have four cats, and one feeder. My cat, who has apparently advanced to the mental level of a 5 year old now, hauled my ass out of bed so that I could "cut in line" for her at the feeder. urggghhhh.


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