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don't harsh my mellow.

Yesterday was a good day for us and the economy.

So in a continuation of our journey in vintage mid-century modern furniture, the loml and I set off into the boonies. We headed for a store that specializes in this kind of stuff, and it turned out to be located in a huge warehouse filled with "antiques". Which made me kind of glad because I don't need to be paying for the overhead of a fancy showroom.

And I have to admit, some of this stuff was pretty impressive. and some of it was not. I swear I found a set of cabinets that looked just like ones that my parents owned when I was little, and it wasn't my goal to recreate their living room. eventually, we settled on this pair of daybed/sofas. They were in awesome condition and pretty cool looking, as you see below.

The owner of the store sold us a matching end table, which is actually a little tricky when you realize that these sofas are pretty low to the ground, which isn't exactly the current style. And after that, all we needed were accessories. I looked around for a coffee table and actually found this pretty nice matching glass topped table with chromed legs in another seller's showroom. He was all like, "this is vintage mid-century modern. this is from the PACE collection. this is not junk. blah blah blah." I asked him what his "price" was and he would only come down 10%! puh-lease! sometimes, a glass coffee table is just a glass coffee table. So I walked off, and he let me. Guess he wasn't that serious about selling it.

Instead, we headed to IKEA, where we found (you will never guess) a glass topped coffee table with chrome legs. "This is IKEA. This is cheap. This comes with coordinating end tables." Hah-hahahahah! I laughed all the way to the cash register. and we even got some lamps that match. Much thanks to the loml, who has a great eye for this.

So hopefully we'll get everything delivered and put together sometime this week, and the loml and i will finally have seating in our living room.

And as a treat for all of you, here is the vintage coffee table we DID NOT buy, though we were tempted. It just wasn't right for us.. but for some lucky shopper, who knows. and yes, it is exactly what it looks like. A square glass top supported by four plastic lamp globes.


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